Letter O Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Letter O Worksheets For Preschool Kids

Today we have some O is for owl pre-k worksheets. Teaching children letters is super important and a building block for future reading. As we teach different letters children can become more confident at their alphabet names and sounds and this will prepare them well for the Kindergarten stage.

These fun and free Letter O printables are easy to download and can go alongside other alphabet printables or Letter O activities. I’d shared some letter O activity ideas below along with some Owl themed crafts and ideas to use to extend your child’s interest in this topic.

letter o worksheets for preschool kids

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Letter O Printables

Here is what you get in this free printable collection.

  • One Owl coloring page
  • Owl nests matching
  • Owl matching activity
  • Owl counting page

How To Teach The Letter O

Here are some ideas of activities you might want to do to teach the Letter O.

  • Play eye spy focussing on the Letter O.
  • Make Letter O crafts in the classroom.
  • Sing a song about the letter O.
  • Draw the letter O and cut and paste onto paper.
  • Use playdough to make the letter O.
  • Make the letter from different manipulatives, teddy bears or dinosaurs and have fun teaching the shape of the letter O.

Owl Activities For Kids

If you want to talk to kids about owls and extend their interest in this topic as you teach the letter O, there are plenty of activities you could do.

Try reading a book such as Owl Babies. These are fun to read and are a great way to continue your child’s interest in literacy and reading.

Try making a paper bag Owl. It’s a fun craft idea and one all the children can get involved with. From cutting and pasting to choosing creative colors this owl craft is a great idea for pre-k kids to tackle.

You might also want to make one of the following:

Download Your Letter O Worksheets Here

Letter O Worksheets

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