Letter L Worksheets for Pre-School Kids

Letter L Worksheets for Pre-School Kids. Today on Craft Play Learn, we have some fantastic Letter L Worksheets for Pre-School kids. We hope you enjoy these worksheets.

Yes that’s right. I am super excited to share these free downloadable Letter L printables with you today. We are almost half way through our Alphabet printable series. I chose the word Lemon to represent the letter L and know the little ones will love these letter L activities.

letter L worksheets for preschool kids

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Letter L is For Lemon Worksheets

Here are the four worksheets you can download for free.

  • Color the even lemons
  • Letter L Tracing Worksheet
  • Number the lemons
  • Lemon Coloring sheet

How To Use These Letter L Worksheets

We have 4 worksheets to print of for free. the first is a worksheet for colouring the odd lemons. It’s a good opportunity to teach kids about odd and even numbers along with teaching basic counting such as one through to ten.

There is a page for numbering lemons which again helps kids to become familiar with counting as well as practicing hand writing, mark making and developing basic fine motor skills.

We have a letter tracing sheet which is fantastic for practicing the Upper and lowercase letter L.

Finally we have a colouring page which a huge Lemon on. These are really useful printables and the kids could even talk about Summer fruits or learn to make Lemonade. The options are endless. Enjoy!

Letter L Activity And Craft Ideas

What The Ladybird Heard

Here are a few Letter L activities. You might want to read the book What The Ladybird Heard it’s a fun book.

what the ladybird heard kids book

Paper Ladybug Craft

You could make these adorable paper Ladybugs with the little ones.

ladybug paper craft

Ladybug Rice Krispy Treats

If you’d like to get baking in the kitchen maybe try making these letter L ladybug rice krispy treats.

Ladybird Handprint Art

Check out this L is for Ladybug Handprint Art for Preschool Kids! It’s super easy and fun and one you will love from the Inspiration Edit.

Download your FREE Letter L Worksheets Here!

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