Build A Goldfish Paper Craft

Are you looking for a fun Goldfish paper craft? Here is a fun and easy cut and paste fish craft to make with the kids. With only one page to print off, a pair of scissor and stick of glue, you can create this build a fish goldfish in no time! Enjoy!

build a goldfish craft

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  1. Goldfish have a solid sense of smell in reality even more powerful than human individuals.
  1. Goldfish can recognize faces. And not only faces, but also shapes, colors, and textures!
  1. Goldfish do not have stomachs. The goldfish might appear to be on the brief end of the stick in comparison, well, the cow (that contains four stomachs!). Rather, they have a long intestine that really does exactly the task of digesting in various areas.
  1. Goldfish will eat their own poop. Well, goldfish digest items fairly fast. Thus every once in a while they eat their poop to acquire nourishment that they missed the first go around.
  1. THE OLDEST GOLDFISH LIVED TO BE 43. The world’s oldest goldfish was a carnival prize called Tish, died in 1999 at age 43.
  1. Goldfish sleep and live with their eyes open. In reality, they do not have eyelids in order that they can not shut their eyes if they desired to.
  1. Goldfish have a feeling of routine and may be trained to perform little tricks like swimming through hoops and pulling levers to release meals.
  1. Goldfish adapt well to their surroundings and turn a ghostly white when sun exposure is limited. This phenomenon occurs because the sun is the thing that helps goldfish create pigments in their skin. Without it, they turn into a milky white.
  1. The goldfish has become easily the most popular aquarium fish on earth. More than 480 million goldfish are offered each year! That is even greater than both cats and dogs combined.
  1. Goldfish can not reside in bowls because the water turns poisonous really quickly. Therefore they need to live in a larger tank.


To make this gold fish paper craft all you need to do is download the printable and cut out the template pieces. Whether you’re using a glue stick or PVA glue have fun and create a cute goldfish ion a bowl with the little ones.

Why Are Goldfish Orange?

Most goldfish tend to be an orange color and can be found in pet stores and ponds.Goldfish were one of the first species to become pets and this began many years ago in China. Goldfish are members of the carp family and whilst they were originally silver fish, they developed genetic mutations which made fish gold, red and orange.

Download Your Build A Goldfish Template Here!

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