Easy Chameleon Craft: Cut And Paste

Have you ever read a story about a Chameleon by Eric Carle? If so you may enjoy making this fun paper Chameleon to go alongside the story or simply as a fun paper craft for kids. This is one of our easy and fun crafts from the build-a-pet series here on Craft Play Learn and is really easy to make! Enjoy!

build a chameleon paper craft

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  1. Almost half of all known chameleon species live in Madagascar. At present, there are around 200 different chameleon species, 44% of that may be found on Madagascar
  1. Chameleons mainly change color to communicate or regulate boy temperature.
  1. Chameleons can’t regrow their tails, unlike many lizards.
  1. Chameleons have lovely eyes. The bulging upper and lower eyelids are combined along with the student peaks from a pinhole-sized gap.
  1. Chameleons aren’t social animals. For example, if two chameleons have visual contact, they can change their color in a minute.
  1. Chameleon eyes possess a 360-degree arc of eyesight and will see two directions at the same time.
  1. Chameleons may see in both ultraviolet and visible light.
  1. The tongue of a chameleon may be more than its body length!
  1. The American Chameleon isn’t a Chameleon. This lizard is regarding the iguana instead.
  1. Chameleons are tree-huggers. Many chameleons prefer to put camp up in trees, and as they are highly designed to traverse trunks and branches.
build a chameleon paper craft


First you will need to download the free printable. Cut out the template pieces and glue them together to build your paper chameleon. This is easy and fun and one craft the kids will enjoy! All you need is scissor and a glue stick! What are you watiing for? Have fun!

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Download Your Build A Chameleon Template Here!

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BUILD A PET chameleon

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