Build A Bird: Cut And Paste Craft

Today on Craft Play Learn we have a fantastic Build-A-Bird craft activity which is super simple and easy for little ones to make. Making a paper bird has never been easier and with this fun and simple boredom buster, you can have fun with the little ones and use the fun facts about birds which we share to teach children more about birds and the wonderful world in which we live.

build a bird paper craft

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  1. A bird’s lungs are way more complex, effective and consume more distance than those of mammals, like humans. An individual’s lungs write about 1/20 of its entire body, but a bird carries up 1/5.
  1. Owls can’t flex their eyes. Rather they move their heads entirely around to see directly behind them.
  1. The talkative bird on earth is the African grey parrot. 1 parrot could state over 800 words. Most species of parrots can find out just 50.
  1. In the USA alone, there are more than 40 million pet birds.
  1. All ducks have waterproof feathers. They’re so watertight that when the duck dives underwater, its downy underlayer of feathers directly alongside the skin will stay totally dry.
  1. Chickens and ostriches are the closest modern relatives to Tyrannosaurus rex.
  1. Pigeons can recognize faces. Also, but they’re also able to use touch screens — and seemingly even learn how to read.
  1. An albatross can sleep while it flies. It seemingly dozes while stirring at 25 mph.
  1. RAVENS ARE GREAT AT MIMICKING HUMAN SPEECH AND SOUNDS. While ravens from the wild will probably not pick up the individual terminology, in captivity they can turn out to be very talkative.
  1. The largest bird that ever existed on Earth is that the flightless elephant bird, which is now extinct. It weighed roughly 1000 pounds. (450 kg.) .


To build this bird craft you’ll first need to download the bird template further down in the post. This is a free bird printable and easy to print off. The template is in color and has a small picture of the completed bird at the top of the page as a guide.

Simply hand the paper over to the kids, whip out the scissors and glue and have fun cutting and pasting this easy bird paper craft.

You can use this craft as part of a classroom display, as a fun project in the home or simply as a way to introduce little ones to birds.

Which Birds Cannot Fly?

There are a few birds around the world that cannot fly including the famous penguin. Here are a list of seven more birds that cannot fly. Quite a few come from my home country New Zealand.

  • Steamer Duck
  • Ostrich
  • Weka
  • Cassowary
  • Kakapo
  • Kiwi Bird
  • Takahe

Download Your Build A Bird Template Here!

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