Free Horse Printable Template For Kids

Do your kids love horses? If so they may love this fun and simple Kids horse printable template. This horse printable template can be used for various crafts and activities.

Whether you’re doing farm life unit study or simply want to extend a child’s interest in horses, this horse printable template will come in handy.

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How Crafts Can Help Kids Become More Creative

Crafts are a great way to encourage kids to be creative. When children are actively involved in the crafting process, they’re more likely to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Additionally, crafts can help kids learn how to follow directions and develop their fine motor skills.

This horse printable template is perfect for younger kids who want to make a horse out of paper.

How To Use This Free Horse Printable

This kids horse printable template is also great for kids who love horses and want to make their own.

It can be used as a coloring page, or as a pattern for making a papercraft horse.

Simply print out the horse printable template, color it in, and cut and paste.


How To Assemble The Horse Printable

You can create this paper horse in a few simple steps.

ONE: Download the horse printable template.

TWO: Print out the horse printable template on regular paper or cardstock. If you want your horse to be extra sturdy, print it on cardstock.

THREE: Color in the horse printable template with crayons, markers, paint, etc. Be creative!

FOUR: Cut out the horse printable template. If you printed it on cardstock, you may want to use scissors.

FIVE: Glue the different parts of the horse printable template together. Glue the horse head onto the body before adding the mane, horse ears and eyes.

Glue the horse legs and add the horse tail last. You can use regular school glue or a glue stick.

SIX: Let the glue dry and your paper horse is complete!

Farm Themed Party!

This would be a great activity for a farm-themed birthday party or play date! It would also be fun to make these horse crafts alongside our other farm themed animal templates and build a farm scene.

You could also make some farm-themed treats such as these fun farm animal party treats:

Horse Nutter Butters

Sheep Cupcakes

farm animal party treats

Horse Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for more free printable horse coloring pages for kids or a farm-themed coloring sheet then why not check out these two options over at Best coloring pages for kids.

Farm Coloring Pages

Horse Coloring Pages

There are a variety of kids horse coloring pages and coloring sheets, and they include both trotting horse pages, realistic horse coloring pages as well as wild horse coloring pages.

Whether your looking for different breeds, a baby foal, baby horse coloring pages, or horse jumping coloring pages, there are plenty of free coloring pages on the internet.

You can also find printable horse pictures, horse coloring pages and a tutorial on how to draw a horse over at easy peasy and fun! There are plenty of images to choose from!

My Best Collection Of Horse Books

You can extend kids’ interests in horses during circle time in the preschool or kindergarten setting by singing songs about horses or reading horse-themed books.

The Everything Book Of Horses And Ponies – Get Here!

Leroy Ninker Saddles Up – Get Here!

Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse – Get Here!

More Farm Animal Crafts, Activities And Ideas For Kids

Your kids will love these fun farm-themed crafts, activities, and ideas:

Making printables and crafts with kids is a great activity. It helps them learn and explore their creativity. With this horse printable template, they can make their own horses to play with or create a beautiful horse scene.


Download Your Free Horse Printable Template Here!

Farm Animal printables

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