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We are fans of Rabbits. In fact my dad has a few Rabbits in his garden which make fantastic pets. One is called snowy and the other is thumper. Today we have a fun build-a-pet printable for you to try out. This free rabbit paper craft is simple, easy and fun to make and one you are going to love. Have fun teaching kids about rabbits and share our fun facts about rabbits as they craft.

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  1. A baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe, and a male is a buck. A group of rabbits is called a herd.
  1. A bunny’s life span is roughly 8 decades, though sterilized rabbits could survive as long as 10-12 years.
  1. A bunny’s teeth never stop growing! Rather, they are slowly worn down since the bunny chews on grasses, wildflowers, and veggies
  1. They Eat Their Own Poop. Hahaha, The bunny’s diet is truly tough to break, therefore rabbits have two types of poops: a tough dry pellet, and one soft black orb. The bunny will consume this soft once again, which permits their digestive system a different effort to wring nourishment from their meals.
  1. Rabbits Have Their Own Anger Language. Like cats, cats suggest emotion with their ear posture; ears flipped backward or pressed low over their spine indicate anger or burnout
  1. Since their eyes are put on the sides of the minds, bunnies can observe an almost flawless 360 degrees.
  1. THEY CAN’T VOMIT. Even though a cat can cough up a hairball following a very long evening of self-grooming, a bunny cannot.
  1. Rabbits can suffer from heatstroke. Nonetheless, they simply sweat through the pads on their toes. Always be sure that you track your bunny’s environmental temperatures, particularly in the warmer months of summer.
  1. The Guinness World Record for the greatest rabbit is held with a 55-pound British pet bunny named Ralph. He occupies $90 off meals weekly!
  1. They are not”starter pets” or Easter presents. A lot of individuals believe rabbits are somewhat less of a commitment than cats or dogs. But every rabbit parent I have ever met has told me that rabbits need more focus and effort compared to their feline or puppy companions


All you need to create this fun Rabbit printable is to simply download the template and hand it over to the kids. Children can practice their fine motor skills by cutting out the rabbit, rabbit ears and other features and then glue them together to crate their paper bunny craft.

This is pretty simple and easy and is a great printable from our build-a-pet series! Enjoy!

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Download Your Build A Rabbit Template Here!

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