Easy Spring Sheep Craft For Kids

Easy Spring Sheep Craft For Kids

Spring is in the air and today we have a fantastic spring themed sheep craft for kids to enjoy. This easy paper craft is perfect for young children and preschoolers and one you’ll enjoy making. Enjoy this sheep and baby lamb craft idea and don’t forget to download our free sheep craft template!

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Making A Lost Sheep Craft

One thing I love about this simple sheep craft idea is that you can use this as a spring craft for preschoolers or as a Sunday school craft idea! If you’re familiar with the parable of the Lost sheep then these sheep puppets could work well at church and be transformed into a lost sheep craft idea! It’s just a suggestion but either way, let’s move on to the supplies list!

Supplies Needed For This Preschool Sheep Craft

  1. Sheep Craft template
  2. Colored craft papers – white, brown and gray
  3. Popsicle sticks
  4. Googly eyes 
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Craft glue

How to Make This Sheep Craft For Preschoolers

I’ll now share step by step instructions to make easy and fun spring craft with the kids.

Step -1: Print Out Your Sheep Template

Print and cut out the patterns from the provided template. The template includes patterns for the lamb, father sheep (the patterns with horns) and mother sheep.

Let’s start with crafting the father sheep (ram).

Trace and cut out the sheep head and legs from grey colored craft papers. Cut out the ram horns from brown colored craft papers and the rest of the sheep pattern from white or off-white craft paper. 

Step -2: Attaching The Sheep Head To The Body

Attach the head cutout on the top end of the sheep’s body cutout (big cloud-like pattern).

Step – 3: Add Hair To Your Sheep

Attach the hair cutout (small cloud-like pattern) on the top end of the head.

Step – 4: Attach The Ram Horns And Sheep Legs

Attach the horns on the top side of the head; sticking each horn above the each ear. Attach the legs on the bottom side of the body pattern. You can attach all 4 legs or you can attach 2; both ways look fine. 

Step – 5: Make Your Sheep Using A Popsicle Stick

Attach the paper ram (father sheep) on a popsicle stick to complete the puppet craft. 

Step – 6: Make More Paper Sheep

You can now repeat the process to create your sheep puppet and baby lamb craft.

The Ram, lamb and the mother sheep look great together and you can make as many sheep or as few as you like.

If you’re turning this into a lost sheep craft then maybe make a few more sheep puppets, one for each child in the Sunday School class.

How To Use These Sheep Puppets

You could make a sheep craft with the kids as an arts and crafts activity, or you might want to use this sheep craft idea during mat time or circle time.

Pair your lollipop sheep will a story about sheep such as Sheep In A Jeep. You could also pair this with a fun Nursery Rhyme such as Ba Ba Black Sheep. You might want to print off our one of our Nursery Rhyme Printables.

Alternatively, use your sheep craft template to create a spring scene. Paint a spring themed background, used mixed media for a garden or field and simply add lot’s of sheep to create a fun spring art project.


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Get Your Free Sheep Craft Template Here

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