How To Create a Fun Backyard Movie Night

How To Create a Fun Backyard Movie Night

Parents are always searching for something new to try with their children. Movies are nice to watch indoors, but what if you took the movie night fun outside? If you’re ready for an amazing new family activity, read on to learn more about how to create a fun backyard movie night!

A Bed Sheet and a Projector

The hardest part about creating an outdoor movie night is figuring out how you’ll play the movie. First, you’ll need a plain white bed sheet to act as the movie screen. You can hold it up by attaching it to the fence or arranging PVC pipes together to make a sturdy frame.

Next, you need a projector to play the movie. You can find a wide variety of projectors online that have amazing features that will accommodate your movie night needs.

Seats for Everyone

You may think a movie theater in the backyard won’t have comfortable furniture like the family room. However, when creating your fun backyard movie night, think about how many seats you’ll need and what you have on hand. Bring out pillows and blankets for everyone. If you run out of seats, don’t be afraid to move some of the patio furniture or grab the lawn chairs from the garage.

A Snack Bar

You don’t need hundreds of snacks for this movie night. All you need is a portable tray to act as your snack bar for the night!

Keep a tray full of your family’s favorite packaged snacks. Keep a tray full of your family’s favorite packaged snacks. Also, make a big batch of popcorn beforehand or some delicious strawberry cheesecake popcorn packets.. Don’t forget to keep napkins and some small bowls nearby so everyone can easily grab their favorite snack during the movie.

A Drink Cooler

Drinks? We didn’t forget about that! Bring a small cooler full of ice to the backyard and stuff it with water, soda, and juices that everyone will love. It’s convenient, so you don’t have to frequently run back into the house anytime someone needs a new drink.

A Craft for the Movie

Kids love interactive activities. After choosing the movie, think about possible crafts you can try as a family before or during the movie! For example, if you’re watching a movie like Frozen, try a winter weather craft for kids to increase their excitement for the movie!

It’s easiest to have a backyard movie night if your home is fenced-in. A fenced-in yard not only makes your family feel safer but it creates a private movie-viewing experience. A trending style for residential fences is to include lighting. Consider adding solar or battery-powered lights to your home’s fencing before your next outdoor movie night. The ambient lighting will set the mood and make each backyard movie night one to remember.

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