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Today we have this fantastic mouse paper craft available for you to make. In fact, I am super excited to share this new printable from our Build-a-pet series! It’s a fun and simple activity and one the kids will enjoy as a boredom buster or as a extension activity to go alongside the Nursery rhyme hickory dickory dock.

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  1. Mice do not like the cold. Throughout the fall and winter, mice prefer to squat on your houses and businesses to escape the cold and discover someplace warm, with plenty of meals, to see throughout the chilly times beforehand.
  1. Mice teeth never stop growing. Their teeth grow at a speed of 0.3mm each day!
  1. Mice build quite complex burrows with lengthy entrances and lots of escape routes. They are extremely tidy and clean rodents using their burrows frequently having different areas for preserving sleeping, food, and going to the bathroom.
  1. A mouse eats 15 – 20 times daily. Therefore they generally construct their houses near food resources, tending to just travel around 8 from their burrows to locate food.
  1. Mice can reside in a laboratory for as much as two decades, but generally only live for approximately 5 weeks in the wild, largely due to predators, like snakes, cats, and foxes.
  1. Mice are great jumpers, climbers, and swimmers. Actually, mice may jump a foot into the air, permitting them to easily scale up on kitchen counters into pantries to get food.
  1. Mice have good balance and may walk along quite thin pieces of rope or cable. They are even able to scale vertical surfaces that are rough.
  1. Mice can squeeze through the smallest of openings! By flattening their own bodies, mice can squeeze through openings as small as 6mm. That is about the size of a pen!
  1. Mice may use their whiskers to find some changes in the temperatures they also use their whiskers to sense some smooth or rough surfaces that they walk or run along
  1. Mice will eat from 15 to 20 times every day that’s the reason they have to be fed often when kept as pets.


Download this mouse printable and print the single sheet in color. Allow the kids to cut out the mouse template peices, the mouse head, ears and other features and then use the glue stick to build the mouse.

We have a great collection of build-a-pet crafts here on Craft Play Learn and you’re welcome to make a whole heap of these cute printables. Enjoy!

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Download Your Build A Mouse Template Here!

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