Hamster Crafts: Cut And Paste Activity

Hamsters are super cute and this fun Hamster paper craft activity is both fun and easy for the little ones to make. In fact this easy build a hamster printable page is just what you need to keep the little ones busy. Print this fantastic free kids printable from our build a pet series and enjoy this fun paper craft today!

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  1. Hamsters have been”found” from the Syrian Desert significantly less than 100 decades back. Syrian hamsters are the most popular pet Hamsters.
  1. They’re banned in Hawaii. Hamsters could establish large colonies quickly in the country if they escaped to the wild, which could pose an issue for agriculture and also other species.
  1. Their teeth never stop growing. Like most rodents, Hamsters’ incisor teeth don’t have any roots and they never quit growing.
  1. “Hamster,” in the German term”hamstern,” signifies”hoard,” which is a favorite pastime of our hamster friends.
  1. Since they’re nocturnal, they obviously sleep longer during the day and therefore are more active at dusk. Do not wake them up to play with. Rather, plan your interactions for late afternoon or early evening when they have had their appropriate rest.
  1. Hamsters are intelligent animals who can also learn their Names. Speak with your hamster and utilize their name often enough to have them used to listen to it, they may also learn how to come when called.
  1. Dwarf hamsters are just two to four inches, though a Syrian hamster can become about 6 inches.
  1. Hamsters have moods. Under one analysis, hamsters with loads of toys and comfy bedding produced more optimistic decisions. To put it differently, you can keep your Hamster happy by supplying lots of fun, improving chances.
  1. Not every kind of Hamster would be a fantastic pet. Though there are approximately 24 species of hamster, just about five of these are located in a normal pet shop.
  1. Hamsters have really bad eyesight. Once they are born, it is almost two weeks before they will open their eyes but then, they are at a disadvantage, since they’re nearsighted and colorblind.


All you need to do to enjoy this Hamster paper craft printable is download the printable and print it off. The hamster printable is in color and you’ll need to cut out the template pieces and glue it together to create your paper Hamster.

Once done you can create more build-a-pet creatures from our fun paper craft series or use this alone alongside a fun story or reading activity.

Download Your Build A Hamster Template Here!

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