Sheep Craft Ideas For Kids

Along with our cow and pig craft ideas, you can add a Sheep Craft to your farm! Kids love making crafts and these sheep ideas are super easy to make. In fact, most of them you can do with things you have lying around the house.

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Sheep Craft

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Sheep Craft Ideas For Preschool Kids And Toddlers

Kids of all ages can benefit from crafts. What is great about all of these crafts is that you can do them with kids of all ages including toddlers with a little help and guidance.

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Sheep Pom Pom Craft

Our Kid Things

This fluffy little fur ball is super cute and easy to make. It is a great sensory craft that kids can touch and feel.

Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

Craft Play Learn

All you need for this craft is a bag of cotton balls, a paper plate, and some black paper. This craft is great for building fine motor skills.

how to make a paper plate sheep with cotton wool balls

3D Spring Lamb Craft

Arty Crafty Kids

This cool dude is a great way to teach your kids about what 3-D means. All you need is a bag of cotton balls and some paper.

Sheep Craft

Easy Spring Sheep Craft

Craft Play Learn

From yours truly, these stick puppets are easy to make and a great way to get your kiddos playing and using their imaginations. Make a whole family of sheep!

sheep puppets for kids to make

Yarn Wrapped Sheep Craft

I Heart Crafty Things

It’s not every day you see a black sheep, but this would be a fun craft to make after listing to the song, ” Baa Baa Black Sheep

Sheep Craft

Sheep Corner Bookmark

Red Ted Art

Make reading fun with these cute little book marks. And, save your books from getting the corners folded down.

Doily Sheep Craft

Easy Peasy And Fun

This is a craft that would be super easy for toddlers. As long as you cut out the head and legs, they can glue it together.

Sheep Paper Plate

Simple Everyday Mom

Look at those big adorable eyes! What I like about this craft is that you can choose to make a black sheep or you could make a white sheep too.

Sheep Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Shaun The Sheep

Red Ted Art

If you have a child who wants a little more of a challenge with their craft, this is the way to go. It will keep them focussed longer than 5-minutes.

Bubble Wrap Sheep Craft

Crafty Morning

Who knew you could do more with bubble wrap than listen to it be annoyingly popped by the children? It works perfectly for this craft.

Sheep Craft

Cupcake Liner Sheep

I Heart Crafty Things

This craft is super simple. Just flatten out a cupcake liner for a smaller sheep or use a coffee filter for a larger sheep.

Pom Pom Sheep

Simple Everyday Mom

This sheep was made from white pom poms, but if you don’t have any, I am sure cotton balls would work just as well.

Yarn Wrap Sheep Craft

The Imagination Tree

This yarn wrap craft is great for building fine motor skills. Plus, you could even begin some sewing skills.

Rockin Paper Plate Sheep

Kids Craft Room

I have seen using paper plates to make a sheep, but this one is in 3-D. So, kids can play with their craft when they are finished.

Sheep Craft

Painted Sheep Craft

Crafts On Sea

Pull out the paints with this one and get creative. This is a fun craft for kids of all ages.

Ba Ba Black Sheep Craft

I Heart Crafty Things

Here is another one that would go perfectly with our Baa Baa Black Sheep song.

Yoghurt Pot Sheep Craft

Craft Play Learn

Don’t just throw out your yogurt cups. Instead, repurpose them with this yoghurt pot craft.

Sheep Craft

Sheep Paper Puppet

Simple Everyday Mom

Puppets are a great way to help kids speak in public, use their imagination, and have fun. Instead of buying them, you can make your own.

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Sheep Craft

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