Easy Slime Recipes For Kids

Are your kids obsessed with slime? If so, they’re in good company. Kids love it, and parents sometimes have a mixed relationship with slime-making. After all, it can be really messy, right? Well, despite how messy it gets, playing with slime has lots of benefits for kids. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 27+ different slime recipes so your kids will never get bored.

How Does Slime Benefit Kids?

How does slime benefit kids? First, it’s calming. Kids can pull, stretch, knead, and play with slime for hours, sometimes. Sensory play is essential for kids of all ages, and slime is one way older kids can still benefit from sensory play. Second, kids can learn a lot from making their own slime. They use their math skills for measuring and their reasoning skills to figure out how to make slime stretchier or thicker or thinner. Third, it’s a screen-free activity, so that’s a win in any mom’s book!

But you’re here for the slime recipes, so let’s get to them!

The Best Kids Slime Recipes

Fun Slime Recipes to Try

Unicorn Slime from Craft Play Learn: Mix up some pretty pastel slime and white slime for this project! You’ll be making a cute unicorn with a gorgeous, colorful mane. Any kid who’s obsessed with unicorns is going to love this slime recipe.

making a unicorn out of slime

Dr. Seuss Clear Slime from Craft Play Learn: This slime recipe is based on the book Put Me in the Zoo by Dr. Seuss. It’s made with clear slime and colorful pom-poms and is so fun to stretch and play with.

dr seuss slime reicpe

Rainbow Slime from Craft Play Learn: Great for spring or St. Patrick’s Day, make a batch of rainbow slime any time you’d like to bring a little more color and cheer to your day. We have the exact number of drops of food coloring for each color to make sure you nail this slime recipe. It’s foolproof!

Saint patricks day rainbow slime

Confetti Slime from The Inspiration Edit: It’s like a party in your hands! Use any confetti you have along with this clear slime. If you don’t have any, no worries. Just tear or shred colored paper yourself.

Ocean Themed Elmer’s Slime from The Inspiration Edit: This gorgeous blue slime is made with Elmer’s blue glitter glue and will remind you of summer vacation! It’s terrific for playing with ocean toys such as fish, boats, etc.

DIY Glitter Slime from The Inspiration Edit: You need a terrific glitter slime recipe in your arsenal because it goes with so many party themes and makes fantastic party favors. Here, you’ll make a Beauty and the Beast gold glitter slime that’s so pretty when it sparkles in the light.

Lavender Slime from Natural Beach Living: This calming slime recipe is therapeutic for kids and adults alike. Stretch, pull and smell the calming lavender scent.

Crayon Slime from Crayons and Cravings: Go through the kids’ crayon boxes to dig out all those broken crayons, because you’ll be using them for this colorful crayon slime! Kids will need adult assistance grating the crayons.

Color Changing Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands: This is a slime recipe and science experiment in one! The sun-activated pigment powder makes this slime change color in the sunlight.

Sand Slime from Simple Everyday Mom: This sand slime is perfect for an ocean unit. Use decorative sand or colored craft sand to make the slime. This is a fun addition to the ocean slime above!

Liquid Starch Slime Recipe from Natural Beach Living: Love The Incredibles? This 3-ingredient slime made with glue, liquid starch, and paint, is themed after your favorite family of heroes. It’s jiggly and super stretchy.

Edible Marshmallow Banana Slime from Crafts 4 Toddlers: Slime can be a concern for toddlers, but this pudding slime is non-toxic and taste-safe. It feels like a cross between playdough and slime, so while it’s not quite as stretchy as regular slime, it’s a wonderful taste-safe alternative.

Magnetic Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands: Use your basic liquid starch slime recipe plus the magnetic ingredient iron oxide powder to make slime that clings to a rare earth magnet.

Galaxy Slime from Crayons and Cravings: It may just be the best slime recipe in the galaxy—at least it looks that way. It looks out of this world thanks to lots of glitter, stars, and a combo of purple, black, and green slimes.

Fluffy Slime from The Best Ideas for Kids: Fluffy slime is a different experience than the thin stuff. The texture is so fun to play with, and it feels lovely squishing between your fingers. It gets its fluffy feel from the added shaving cream. The more you add, the fluffier it will be.

Frozen Snow Slime from Artsy-Fartsy Mama: With white glitter for shimmer, this is the perfect snowy slime to play with in the winter. Add snowflakes or your favorite characters from Frozen!

Fizzing Volcano Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands: This chemistry activity teaches kids about acids and bases using vinegar, baking soda, and a fun slime recipe. It’s fun and stretchy, but a little less so than a standard slime recipe.

Earth Slime from Really, Are You Serious?: This earth slime is made with washable color glue. It’s a terrific choice for Earth Day, or anytime you’re teaching kids about the environment.

Snowball Slime from My Joy-Filled Life: If the kids are getting antsy in winter, but snow is nowhere in sight, they can get their snowball fix with this snowball slime recipe. The foam beads give it a satisfying crunchy feel as you play with it.

Scented Pineapple Slime from Fantastic Fun and Learning: If you’re looking for a fantastic summer slime, look no further than this scented pineapple slime made with pineapple-flavored Jello. It’ll make you all feel like you’re on a tropical vacation when you make it.

Chalkboard Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands: How fun to be able to draw on your slime using chalk markers! Watch as the designs stretch and change shape as you pull and squish the slime.

Edible Chia Seed Slime from Sugar Spice and Glitter: This slime recipe contains no Borax and no glue, so it’s perfect for little ones who still love to put things in their mouths. Remember to allow at least 20 minutes for the chia seeds to rehydrate before you start your slime-making.

Mermaid Slime from Crayons and Cravings: This Borax-free sparkly slime is perfect for a mermaid party. The color looks just like a sparkly mermaid tail.

Scented Glow-in-the-Dark Slime from Really, Are You Serious?: Use your favorite essential oils, such as lavender and peppermint, to add scent to the slime. It glows in the dark thanks to the highlighter fluid!

Dish Soap Slime from Living Well Mom: This is another slime recipe that’s somewhere near the middle of the playdough and slime spectrum because it doesn’t contain any Borax. However, it is still fun to pull and squish, and your kids with skin sensitivities will love it just as much as the other stuff.

Cloud Slime from Little Bins for Little Bins for Little Hands: Use instant snow to make cloud slime that has such a cool look and feel. Add food coloring or leave it white like clouds.

Edible Chocolate Slime from The Soccer Mom Blog: This edible slime smells like dessert! You only need three simple ingredients that may already be in your kitchen to whip up this recipe. It’s taste safe, so even your toddler can get in on the fun.

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