Easy Turtle Paper Craft For Kids

I have always love to learn about turtles and today we have a great fun turtle paper craft as well as some fun facts about turtles that you can use with the kids in preschool or in the home. Learning about pets and wildlife can be fun for little ones and is a great opportunity to have fun whilst developing a knowledge of the greater and wider world.

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  1. Under the water, They could hold their breath for five hours. To achieve this powerful feat they slow down their heartbeat to around nine minutes between heartbeats to conserve oxygen.
  1. Turtles and tortoises are not the very same things. Well, that isn’t exactly correct. The simple truth is that the expression “turtle” is an umbrella term for many 200 species of their Testudines group, such as the two turtles and tortoises, amongst others. Therefore that the term “turtle” might mean more than you expected!
  1. Sea turtles lay their eggs in a nest that they dig in the sand with their back flippers. They generally place 100-125 eggs per nest and can nest several occasions, roughly two weeks apart, over a few months.
  1. A hatchling’s gender is dependent upon the temperature of the nest. Hotter temperatures make more females whereas more men emerge from warmer temperatures.
  1. Turtles do cry but not because they are sad. They’ve glands that help empty excess salt in their eyes, making it seem like they’re crying.
  1. These creatures return to the period of the dinosaurs, over 200 million decades back — Woah!
  1. Antarctica is the only continent turtles do not live on. Even though the majority of the species have been observed in southeastern America and South Asia, they may nevertheless be found in different areas of the earth.
  1. Turtles can easily outswim people. The leatherback turtle could swim at speeds up to 22 mph! In contrast, Michael Phelps’s swimming rate was capped at roughly 6 mph.
  1. A turtle shell consists of 50 bones (like its own rib cage and spine), has blood and nerves provides embedded into it and is certainly not removable by a turtle’s body. If you harm a turtle’s shell, then they will surely feel pain.
  1. Sea turtles have an internal GPS. Who wants Siri? Not sea turtles. They’ve got an internal system that can help steer them across the sea and back utilizing the planet’s magnetic field.


First you will need to download your printable turtle page. This comes in color and has a little image of the completed turtle in the top left hand corner for guidance.

Give the sheet to the kids so they can practice their cutting and gluing skills. You ma want to use this project alongside a story book or you might want to teach about the tortoise and the hare and teach kids how you don’t have to rush or complete things fast to succeed.

Enjoy this fun paper craft printable and don’t forget to check out the rest of our build-a-pet series.

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Download Your Build A Turtle Template Here!

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