Pumpkin Alphabet Matching Cards For Kids

This is a huge set of alphabet matching cards that includes a tracing pages to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet. It is perfect for fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving fun! Matching cads build so many skills that many of us don’t even think about. Not only that but playing games with your child is a great way to spend quality time together.

pumpkin alphabet cards

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Benefits of Playing Alphabet Matching Cards

You may think playing an alphabet matching game with your child is just teaching them their letters, but matching games have a lot of other benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Matching games improve language skills.
  • They help children concentrate.
  • Matching games help kids to memorize quicker.
  • It builds their working memory.
  • Research has shown a link between dyslexia and working memory so it’s important to strengthen that working memory.
  • Children can decipher between different letters by looking at their shapes.
  • You can use the matching game to also teach letter sounds.

In addition to the benefits of the matching game, the tracing pages help build fine motor skills that kids will need later in life.

Both the tracer pages and the matching cards can be used as flash cards to further enhance learning.

Download Your Pumpkin Alphabet Printable Here!

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