Easy Turtle Crafts For Kids

Turtles are some of the cutest animals, so it’s no wonder kids are fascinated by them. If you love turtles as much as we do, you’re going to love this list of turtle crafts for kids. Not only are the crafts completely adorable, but they help kids develop fine motor skills through weaving, cutting, and other crafting techniques.

Even if you don’t usually have crafting supplies on hand, you’ll find something in this list to make. You can make a cute turtle out of almost anything, such as paper plates, bowls, K-cups, seashells, and even egg cartons. Also, you can make it with a home 3d printer for miniatures if you have one. 

Choose a turtle craft or two from this list to get started on today. They’re terrific additions to a turtle-themed unit or reptile study.

Turtle Crafts for Kids

Seashell Turtle Craft from Craft Play Learn:

Here’s a beach-themed craft that you can do with your kids after a visit to the beach. Use some seashells that you’ve gathered (or ones you can buy in a store) to create one of these adorable sea turtles. You only need green felt, paint, googly eyes, and your seashells.

making a seatrurte from felt and seashells

Sea Turtle Art Idea from Craft Play Learn:

This gorgeous sea turtle art needs to be on your summer crafting list for sure. Use the sea turtle template for easy assembly. The watercolor background is probably the most fun, but you can use blue cardstock or construction paper if you’re short on time.

paper seaturtle craft on a watercolor background

Easy Sea Turtle Craft from Craft Play Learn:

If you have any paper mache or wooden eggs left from Easter, use them to make a charming little sea turtle figure. It will make a cute toy for the kids to play with during their pretend ocean adventures.

sea turtle craft for kids

Paper Weave Sea Turtle Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Paper weaving is excellent for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are still developing those all-important fine motor skills. Plus, it creates a super cool texture effect.

Paper Turtle Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Download the template to make these super simple paper turtles today! They’re easy and fun, and you can decorate the shells any way you’d like.

Yarn-Weaving Baby Turtles from Pink Stripey Socks:

This is a unique summer craft. It combines the classic God’s eye craft with a turtle craft. Yarn weaving is terrific for working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

Crumpled Paper Turtle Craft from Artsy-Craftsy Mom:

Elevate an ordinary paper turtle with lots of gorgeous crumbled paper. Any type of colored paper will do, but tissue paper will probably be easiest for little hands to crumple up.

Egg Carton Sea Turtles from Emma Owl:

Make adorable little sea turtles (or a whole family of turtles) using egg cartons for bodies, pom-poms for heads, and cardstock for the fins.

Cupcake Liner Turtle from Kids Activities Blog:

You probably have everything you need for this simple craft. With a cupcake liner, some colored paper, and googly eyes, you can have a cute turtle in no time flat.

Paper Plate Turtle from Simplistically Living:

Here’s a fun, frugal craft for a rainy day. Grab a paper plate, some green paint, and cardstock, and get started on a super simple turtle.

Turtle Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art:

Make some turtle corner bookmarks to use for all of your summer reads. This would be such a fun library craft, but it’s terrific for home, too.

Potato Masher Turtle Craft from Happy Toddler Play Time:

Who knew you could do so much with a potato masher? This is a wonderful way to create interesting texture in your crafts and allows kids to practice their stamping skills.

Turtle Painted Rocks from Simple Everyday Mom:

Painting rocks is a lot of fun, and it’s a terrific way to bring the older kids and younger kids in your family together for craft time. Hide a turtle rock during your evening walk for someone else to find.

Handprint Turtle Father’s Day Card from Red Ted Art:

Make a handprint turtle for Dad to show how much you care. It will make a cute keepsake to help Dad remember how small those little hands were.

Easy Turtle Father’s Day Card from Little Fish:

Here’s another simple Father’s Day card for a turtle-y awesome dad. This one is a sea turtle!

Yarn Weave Plastic Lid Turtle from Our Kid Things:

Work on hand-eye coordination and perfect sewing motions with this yarn weave turtle craft. Use small plastic lids or large ones—either will work fine, but make sure the lid is thin enough that you can punch holes in it with a hole punch.

Upcycled K-Cup Turtle Craft from Craft Create Cook:

Save your K-cups every morning to make a family of little K-cup turtles! Add a magnet to the bottom to turn them into fridge magnets.

Paper Bowl Turtle Craft from I Heart Crafty Things:

Paint a paper bowl, cover it with a thin layer of tissue squares, and make the cutest little turtle you’ve ever seen. Make turtles in natural colors as seen here, or use your imagination to create wild and wacky hyper-colorful turtles.

Paper Loops Turtle from Easy Peasy and Fun:

Make the shell of your turtle really stand out with an array of paper loops. The shell can be one solid color, or you can make loops in all kinds of different colors. A rainbow turtle could be fun!

Quilling Turtle Craft from Twitchetts:

Learning paper quilling can be fun for the whole family. You can create so many beautiful designs! This one uses basic shapes to create a pretty little turtle.

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