Multiplication Table: Fun Techniques for Teaching Kids

A Multiplication Table, also called a Times Table, displays the products of multiplication of a particular number. It helps the student to easily and quickly find the result of multiplying two numbers together. 

Learning multiplication tables is a key milestone in academic development for any child. Mastering multiplication tables provides the groundwork for advanced mathematical ideas and improves problem-solving abilities. 

However, traditional ways of memorizing can make it uninteresting for many kids. It is important to use fun techniques to make learning exciting and enjoyable. In this article, we will explore fun methods to teach kids multiplication while keeping them excited and motivated. 

Multiplication Table

Display a Multiplication Table Chart

Learning multiplication can be fun with a simple trick that works great. First, get a special sheet with all the multiplication tables on it. Hang it up in a place that your child frequently visits a lot, like their bedroom door, the fridge, or the cupboard near the computer. 

When your child will look at it often, he will start remembering the multiplication facts better same as your child remembers their favorite game rules. Every time they will pass by, they can take a quick look and practice their multiplication tables without any pressure. 

Thus, just by having this sheet around and using it sometimes, your child will become a multiplication tables master without even trying hard. It is a super cool way to learn.

Learn the Basics before Moving to Harder

People have different opinions about which order is best for learning multiplication tables. Many people think it is a good plan to begin by learning the multiplication tables for 2, 5, and 10. These are easier because they have patterns that kids can understand easily. Kids first learn multiplication tables of 2, 5, and 10. 

The 2 times table is all about doubling numbers. At first, using fingers can help kids see how doubling works. In addition, in the 2 and 10 times tables, the numbers are all even. That means if you multiply any number by an even number, the answer is even too. 

Multiplication Table

The 10 times table is cool because the numbers all end with 0. And in the 5 times table, the numbers end in 5 or 0. When kids have learned the 2, 5, and 10 times tables well, it becomes easier for them to learn the 4 and 8 times tables next.

Interactive Apps and Games

You can make the most of technology to learn multiplication in a fun way. There are many apps and games available online that are designed to teach multiplication while playing. These games are special because they give challenges to solve and offer rewards for doing well. 

They can even turn learning into a friendly competition with friends or other players. Your kids can learn important math skills while having fun and playing games. It is like having an enjoyable and educational adventure at the same time.

Teach Your Children Some Clever Shortcuts

Help your kids learn some cool math tricks that can make learning times tables fun. Math is full of interesting tips and tricks, and times tables have their tricks too. Holding up all ten fingers in front of you is a clever trick. To find out what 9 times 1 is, put down your left pinky finger. 

How many fingers are still up? Yep, nine fingers are left! Now, for 9 times 2, put down your left ring finger. What is left? You have one finger standing, then a space, and eight more fingers standing, which gives you 18. This trick keeps working for numbers up to 9 times 9, which gives you 8 and 1, or 81. 

You can also tell them to think about why it works and how the math behind it makes sense. It is like a fun puzzle for your brain.

Songs and Fun Rhymes

Music is like a special language that everyone enjoys. You can use songs and fun rhymes to make learning your child’s multiplication table exciting. When your child sings catchy songs or rhymes about multiplication, it helps them remember better. 

You can even help your child make up songs about multiplication with new lyrics. This cool way of learning makes it a fun adventure. It is like turning math into fun. By using music, your child can become good at multiplication and have lots of fun at the same time.

Take Quizzes of the Multiplication table 

Once you notice that your child is becoming more confident with their multiplication tables. It is a good idea to take some quizzes. Choose moments when there are not many distractions. Make these quizzes regular on certain days, rather than surprising them randomly. 

They will become less stressed once they use it. The key is to find an appropriate balance between comfort and practice.

Build Confidence and Motivation

Developing confidence and motivation is crucial for ensuring success while learning the multiplication table. The best method for developing confidence and motivation in your child is to praise their successes. Think of these rewards as special treats or prizes.

 It seems like your youngster has achieved a minor win when they master several multiplication facts. They feel proud and motivated to learn more when they receive a reward for their efforts. The rewards do not need to be expensive. They can be things your child enjoys.  

Like extra playtime, a favorite snack, or doing something fun together. It is important for them to feel proud of their progress and eager to continue learning. 


Mastering multiplication tables is a significant milestone in mathematical development for any child. We can promote a love for learning and create an engaging environment for children to understand and remember their multiplication tables by incorporating fun and interactive techniques like physical activities songs and games. 

To make multiplication learning an exciting journey, we have compiled a collection of fun techniques that engage children and boost their understanding of this important mathematical skill. 

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