Crafting Christmas Cards for Loved Ones Living Overseas

Families and friends gather to celebrate, share love, and create cherished memories during Christmas. However, what about our loved ones who reside in another country? The distance might evoke longing and nostalgia during this time of the year. Nevertheless, there is a way to bridge that gap and demonstrate how much they mean to us – by creating personalised Christmas cards.

Personalised Christmas cards serve as a gesture to let our loved ones know that even though they may be away, they still hold a significant place in our holiday festivities. It allows us to convey our affection and warm wishes for the season through a meaningful medium.

Let’s explore some ideas and suggestions so that crafting Christmas cards for loved ones living overseas is an easier task:

1. Choose an Engaging Theme or Concept

To begin with, consider the theme or concept you wish to convey through your Christmas cards. This will help guide your design choices and result in a card that has a cohesive look. For example, if your loved ones reside in a coastal country, you can incorporate elements such as palm trees, beach scenes or Santa donning sunglasses into your card.

If you happen to be in a colder area, it would be nice to feature a winter landscape or a cosy scene by the fireplace.

2. Make It Personal with Pictures

To make your custom Christmas card more unique and one of a kind, include photographs. Add pictures of your family, holiday moments or cherished memories from Christmases. This will evoke reminiscences and make your loved ones feel closer to you during the festive season. You can also include captions or short stories behind the photos to add another layer of meaning.

3. Handwritten Greetings

While typing out your messages conveniently may be tempting, writing a note by hand will add a touch to your Christmas card. Handwritten messages are more intimate as they demonstrate both effort and genuine emotions. You can mention memories, inside jokes or memorable moments you shared. Your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtfulness and time dedicated to crafting a message for them.

4. Embrace Cultural Influences

If your loved ones reside in a foreign country, incorporating elements of their customs and traditions into your Christmas card can be a thoughtful gesture. Research their practices and infuse them into either the design or messages of your card.

For instance, if they have customs and traditions for celebrating Christmas, consider incorporating symbols or illustrations representing those practices. This will demonstrate your genuine interest in their environment.

5. Add a Christmas Playlist or Recipe

To make your Christmas card more engaging, include a curated Christmas playlist or a favourite recipe that everyone can enjoy together, even if they are apart. This will create a sense of togetherness and provide a shared experience. You can write the list of the recipes directly on the card. You can also include a QR code that leads to an online version. This way, your loved ones can easily access and savour the content during the holiday season.

6. Remember the Envelope

While often overlooked, the envelope presents an opportunity to add a touch of creativity to your Christmas card. Consider using paper stamps or stickers that align with the theme of your card. You could also employ calligraphy when addressing their name or seal it with wax for an added sense of elegance. Remember that the envelope is what your loved ones will first encounter when receiving your card, so make it visually appealing and inviting.

7. Plan Ahead for Timing and Shipping 

When sending customised Christmas cards internationally, planning and accounting for the time required for international shipping is crucial.

Make sure to take note of the recommended deadlines for sending mail to the countries so that your cards can reach your loved ones in time for the holiday season. It’s always a good idea to send them a little early rather than risk having them arrive after Christmas.


Creating personalised Christmas cards for loved ones who are away is a considerate and thoughtful way to let them know that they are in your thoughts during the festive season. These cards can bridge the gap and create a heartfelt connection with a suitable theme, personal touches, and attention to detail. So gather your creativity, photographs and messages, and start crafting custom Christmas cards for your loved ones today!

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