10 Tips For Developing Preschoolers’ Literate Writing Skills

Preschool is another step on a child’s growth ladder. When the infant is between two and five years old, it is encouraged to register the child in preschool.

Every moment of a child’s life is essential, and enough care should be given to ensure they grow into their best selves. Kids start to express themselves right from the beginning of their life. While an infant may find it easy to speak, it is not always the case with writing.

Writing skills development for preschoolers might be tasked to teach, either as a parent or a teacher. There are basic writing skills a toddler has at a certain age. A teacher needs to be patient and kind to impact such capabilities in the child.

If you have these abilities, why is teaching preschool to write a problem?

Developing Preschoolers' Literate Writing Skills

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Before school, specific cognitive skills are expected from a child. The preschooler needs to understand the relationship between ideas, understand the process of cause and effect, and improve their analytical abilities.

They should be able to arrange things in a specific order, speak and communicate effectively with children their age, and, most importantly, preschool writing. Of all the above competencies, writing skills are the most important.

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It is time to look at the ten tips to boost your child’s literacy skills.

Tips For Developing Preschooler’s Literate Writing Skills 

The tips are arranged in a particular order that is easy to understand, passing the literacy skills accurately to a preschooler. They include:

Prepare a Conducive Place

Children are delicate and have a built-in relationship with their environment. A conducive place helps the kid assimilate faster. Decorate the learning area with different colors and toys as bait for the kid.

Provide Learning Materials 

The materials that an infant uses should be easy to handle and beautiful to use. The writing materials should include crayons, colored pencils, and lined and unlined papers.  

Talk to the Child

Writing in preschool involves the basics, such as talking to a child and telling the child to put down specific words you say. After spelling, gently instruct the kid to scribble down the word’s letters.

Teach the Child to Write their Names

One thing infants know and respond to even at a tender age is their names. Tell the child to pronounce the words and pick up every letter in the name. Guide the child to scribble it down. 

Use Cards and Illustrations

Using cards and illustrations shows a preschooler how certain letters look. The illustrations give the child a visual representation of what is expected from them.

Use games

Puzzles and games help infants with spelling certain words. They help the child to learn the letter combination of words. 

Practice Everyday

Ensure that the kid takes writing practice every day. Practice brings about familiarization and makes it easy for the child to learn faster.

Suggest Note Takings

Encourage the toddlers to take notes of the day-to-day activities around them. Answer them when they ask you to spell certain words and guide them to put down the words correctly.

Praise The Child’s Writing 

Please encourage the kids and cheer them up whenever they scribble down a new word. Tell them they can do it and keep pushing them. A positive attitude will make them proud and want to do more.

Read Together

Read preschool papers with the kids and assist in pronouncing new words. Encourage the child to scribble down the new terms.

These tips allow you to follow the process and encourage your child to learn effectively. You can also get writing help for kids if needed. Of all the tips mentioned, remember writing practice over again because, as usually said, practice makes perfect. 

Essential Skills That Must be Learned in Preschooler’s Writing 

The tip above aids the teacher or parent to follow through with the writing process of a child. However, it is essential to note that the infant needs to have some prewriting skills to write correctly. These capabilities are crucial, and each child should attain them at every stage:

  • Good pencil grasp: Identify the dominant hand the preschooler is using and help to grasp a pencil correctly. 
  • Well-developed gross motor control.
  • Good sitting posture and core control.
  • The ability to form basic patterns.

The table below explains what a child ought to achieve in their writing skills journey at different ages:

AgeWriting Skills
Two yearsThe preschooler must have the ability to scribble and learn to imitate basic strokes randomly.
Three yearsThe kid ought to be able to imitate and copy a horizontal line and circle.
Four yearsThe child should be able to trace a line, imitate and copy squares and basic signs.
Five yearsChildren of this age ought to be able to grasp the pencil in a proper position and recognize the differences between upper and lower case letters.

A final note

Imbibing the habit of learning and scribbling correctly in preschoolers is a great task. If you follow and guide the child properly, things should be as smooth as possible. However, to avoid wasting time, if you notice a child has not mastered specific cognitive abilities for their age, it is essential as a teacher to speak to the parents.

On the other hand, parents take such children to proper care where they get writing help. Kids learn quickly. They need the appropriate monitoring and instructions to bring those words in their heads to life. Remember, paper writing services online can give you samples of teaching preschool to write.

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