Simple Ways for Parents to Build Self-Care Into Everyday Life

Much of parenting advice focuses on how to raise a happy and independent child, which is perfectly understandable; after all, that’s the whole goal of raising children. However, it can often feel like parents are neglected when it comes to their own needs during this crucial time in their child’s life, which benefits no one. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you must find simple and cost-effective ways to tend to your own needs without sacrificing your child’s happiness. 

It’s not easy to find a happy medium between caring for yourself and caring for your little ones, but it’s an essential part of getting through the toughest years of parenting feeling happy and self-actualized. Today, we’ll discuss what you should do regularly to nourish your own spirit so that you can be your best self for your loved ones.

Oral Hygiene

It’s easy to start slacking on the little things once a baby comes along: your child needs you constantly, whether that is for feeding, changing a diaper, or simply providing them with the much-needed mental and visual stimulation they require to grow. However, oral hygiene is critical, particularly for new mothers, as pregnancy is hard on your teeth as well as the rest of your body.

One of the things you can do to help ensure your teeth and gums stay in good condition is to use oral probiotics, which help to nourish your mouth’s natural microbiome and prevent bad breath. Use this after you’ve finished eating for the day and brushed your teeth so that the probiotics have time to rejuvenate the good bacteria on your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks. Having sparkling white teeth and fresh breath, though a small detail, can help you feel more confident and comfortable throughout the day.


It can feel difficult to schedule time for regular exercise: spending an hour at the gym three times a week is hard enough to fit in without small children. However, exercise isn’t important not just for your figure but also for your mental health; it releases feel-good endorphins that help you stay calm, which is critical when dealing with the stresses of childrearing.

This is why you should figure out ways to incorporate movement into your everyday routine, even if that doesn’t mean lacing up your running shoes and going for a jog while the baby naps. Instead, think about things like parking a little further away from the store so you get a few extra steps, installing a mini cycle machine under your desk, and going for a walk with the kids after dinner. As your children grow older, you can find fun ways to exercise with the whole family, which teaches your young ones about the importance of physical activity for overall well-being.


Being able to vent in a non-judgmental space is important, especially if you’re dealing with painful feelings like loneliness, isolation, anxiety, or a loss of confidence. It can often feel impossible to address these with others, as you want to keep a happy face for your kids, which is why journaling can be so helpful. Here, you can pour out your feelings, providing a deep sense of catharsis; it can also be a great way to chronicle important moments in your life so that you don’t forget their significance in the everyday rush of parenthood. 

Guided journaling books are a great option, as you can complete the prompts in only a few minutes or take as long as you would like. You may consider keeping a commonplace book: it’s the spiritual predecessor of the modern bullet journal, which you can fill with everything from recipes to introspective diary entries. Everything is fair game for a commonplace book, which makes it feel less rigid and more useful for those with busy lives.

Weekly “Me Date”

If you’re co-parenting with a spouse, you already know the importance of keeping the spark alive by scheduling time together, but you might have been neglecting another important connection: your relationship with yourself. It’s easy to get lost in parenthood and feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore. 

Take time to rediscover yourself by making a “me date” every week: it could be just thirty minutes, but it has to be a time when you don’t run errands, make appointments, or handle household chores. If you work outside of the home, you could set aside one lunch break every week where you take yourself out to a cafe and just relax alone, reading a book or taking a walk around the city. If you have the time, you might ask your partner or a loved one to watch the kids for an afternoon so that you can go visit a museum or watch a movie you’ve wanted to. 

This isn’t selfish: it’s soul-nourishing. You can’t be there for others if you’re not there for yourself first and foremost. 

Finding economical ways to care for yourself while parenting can be difficult, but it ultimately ensures a happy family life and helps model good behavior for your children – and it ensures that you stay confident and sane while raising children. Be sure to make these behaviors an everyday component of your life so that you feel ready to take on the world, your children at your side. 

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