5 Best Mid-Century Dining Chairs to Complement Your Decor

The simplistic beauty of mid-century modern decor has helped the style maintain popularity for many years. But it’s more than just its look that makes this design aesthetic so versatile. Because mid-century furniture was built with classic, clean lines and a focus on functionality, pieces such as mid-century dining chairs can blend seamlessly with a variety of other decor to create a unique look.


A dining room decorated in Bohemian design veers outside the traditional lines with a variety of multicolored textiles and layers of patterns. The room likely includes international elements with a casual, comfortable vibe. Mid-century modern elements help to balance a bohemian look by incorporating simplicity and clean lines alongside the rich patterns and colors. The seagrass material of the Forli mid-century dining chair provides additional texture in a neutral color to anchor a bohemian space.


Contemporary decor usually includes simplistic elements and a cool black and white color palette to create subtle sophistication and showcase a space. With its emphasis on clean lines and interesting shapes, the contemporary aesthetic is a perfect companion for mid-century dining chairs. The Marais Dining Chair includes a simple, functional shape with an eye-catching mix of straight and curved lines on the back. The pistachio green provides a pop of color that would work beautifully in a room full of black and white colors and textures.


Taking its inspiration from factories with an emphasis on raw materials and natural elements, industrial design often incorporates materials such as concrete, brick, metal, and pipework. Relying on a color scheme of mostly grays and blacks, the industrial style in a dining room can appear quite cold and sparse. The earthy tan color and texture paired with the dark legs of the Paxton mid-century dining chairs provide the perfect solution to warm up the space.


The modern farmhouse look has been on trend for several years now, and mid-century elements are a perfect complement to this style. The modern farmhouse design uses warm wood against a white and black palette with a heavy focus on comfort. Vintage pieces with clean lines are also a staple of this style, making mid-century modern pieces an ideal furniture choice. The classic lines of the black Talia mid-century dining chair would pair perfectly with a heavy, warm wood table for a beautiful modern farmhouse dining space.


Scandinavian design includes an emphasis on warmth and comfort, with blonde wood, neutral colors, furs, and woven textiles as common elements. An attempt to bring the outdoors in is common to both mid-century and Scandinavian design. The curved wooden accents on the back of the Weave mid-century dining chair are reminiscent of antlers, and the natural color would fit perfectly with the Scandinavian aesthetic.

Find Your Mid-century Dining Chair

Mid-century design boasts some of the most versatile furnishings available. Regardless of your stylistic preferences, the clean lines, functionality, and beauty of a mid-century dining chair is sure to complement and elevate your decor.

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