cat in the hat party food idea for dr seuss party

Have you been trying Dr Seuss inspired activities and craft projects with your little one? Or maybe you’re hosting a themed party for your toddler or child. Whatever it is, these Cat in the Hat cupcakes are a must try. They are easy and loads of fun for your little one too.

Scroll down and keep reading to discover everything you need to get started on it, along with simple step by step instructions to make sure you nail it!

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What’s Needed For Your Dr Seuss Cupcakes

With a surprisingly short ingredient list for these fantastic looking cupcakes, you just can’t go wrong with these! If you’re not a fan of packaged cake mixes, you can scratch make a basic white vanilla cake mixture to keep it all as healthy and natural as possible for your toddler.

list of ingredients

How To Make Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Make the cake mix according to package directions. Fill ice cream cones about 3/4 the way up.

making cat in the hat cupcake party food

Carefully place on a cookie sheet and place in oven. Bake 23-25 minutes and remove from oven. Set aside and let cool.

making cat in the hat cupcake party food

Split frosting between two bowls and color one red. Place each frosting into a baggie or piping bag and snip corner.

icing for cat in the hat cupcake recipe

Decorating Your Cat In The Hat Cupcakes

Once the cat in the hat cupcakes are cooled, pipe on a thin layer of white frosting, then pipe on a smaller circle of red frosting and end with a smaller circle of white frosting.

making cat in the hat cupcakes

Place one gummy on top of the frosted cupcake and pipe frosting around the gummy then place another gummy on top.

making cat in the hat cupcakes

Repeat this step until you have 3 gummies stacked on top of each other.

cat in the hat cupcakes and dr seuss party food

Ready to enjoy and serve for a fun Dr Seuss party!

cat in the hat party food idea for dr seuss party

If you’re hosting a party and not sure about how much you’ll need, remember that 1 box of cake mix makes 20-22 ice cream cone cupcakes.

More Dr Seuss Party Ideas

If your little one loved these Dr Seuss inspired cupcakes, why not get him to try some fun filled activities too? I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite ones- all inspired by Dr Seuss’s best works. Get your toddler to try these the next time he’s bored and needs to be kept busy.

oh the places you'll go cupcakes for dr seuss party

Team these activities up with the some good Dr Seuss’s books as a bedtime reading routine and it can all be a wonderful learning experience for your little one. And if you’re looking to stock up on some craft essentials for these activities, let me save you a trip to the store- just use the quick links below to get your hands on them- they’re at the best prices you’ll find.

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