Easy Apple Crafts For Preschoolers

Easy Apple Crafts For Preschoolers

If you’re looking for preschool apple crafts or simple autumn crafts to make with the kids then here are some pretty awesome ideas for you to try out. 

As a qualified early years teacher, I’ve always enjoyed making crafts with kids. I had an amazing teacher in my classroom when I first started teaching Pre-K and she always had amazing ideas for the children to enjoy. 

Today I am sharing some easy apple crafts for kindergarten or preschool kids to enjoy. They are great for any season but are great autumn or fall craft ideas. Enjoy! 

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Preschool Apple Crafts

I’ll begin by sharing this fantastic Coffee Filter Apple Craft. This really is a simple idea but lots of fun and a great oppotunity to teach the children about color. 

Try this Apple Cutout Kids Craft activity with the kids. Crafting can be fun and a great way to teach scissor cutting skills whilst creating an interest based craft. 

If the kids love to paint then you might want to whip out the paints and some old bottle corks to create a fantastic Cork Print Apple Wreath. It’s fun, easy and a great apple craft for kids to enjoy. This is a great apple stamping craft idea! 

This Snow White Poison Apples craft idea is a little different  but super fun and will be a big hit for anyone who loves the Disney movie. This would make a great Halloween paper craft and is a fantastic apple craft for fall! 

Fall Apple Crafts To Aid Learning

This Apple Themed Fine Motor Activity  is a fantastic idea to help children learn to use a hole punch and practice their fine motor skills. I love how simple this kids craft is and each child can design their own apple however they like! 

Try this Easy Paper Strip Apple craft for Kids by Fireflies And Mudpies. This is a really simple paper craft for kids. Fall apple crafts really don’t have to be complicated, the more simple the idea, the better I say! Check out this paper apple craft today! 

If you’re a fan of literacy and want to make some unique corner bookmarks then look no further! These super cute Apple Bookmarks are a fun autumn craft idea for any aged child and we love the addition of those super cute worms! 

Super Fun Apple Crafts For Kindergarten Kids

The next two apple crafts are better suited to a kindergarten aged child or older kid. You will love the Cardboard Apple Trees from Housing A Forest. This apple tree craft is really unique and a fun autumn art project to create with the kids. I love how these apple trees turned out and think they are super cute. 

If you’re looking for a fun lacing activity then this Paper Plate Apple Lacing Craft will be a real winner. Kids autumn craft ideas don’t have to be plain and boring and this paper plate is anything but that! It’s fun to make and fun to play with! 

Clay craft ideas can be really fun for older kids and I love these super cute Apple Pinch Pots that are made from clay. Why not try making these clay pot crafts with the kids. It’s a great project and they could be a great gift for children to make for parents! 

If you have plenty of wool or yarn lying around, you may want to get creative making these yarn apples with the kids. Even better make a whole heaps of yarn apples and create a Yarn Apple Craft Garland It would make a great Autumn display for the classroom! 

More Fantastic Apple Crafts For Kids

I’ve found some more amazing apple crafts which I know the kids will love. Why not take a look at these super fun autumn craft ideas and if you need even more suggestions, we have a whole lot of Autumn and fall crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. 

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