Crafts To Do With Your Kids Over Summer Break

Crafts To Do With Your Kids Over Summer Break

As soon as the winter holidays wrap up, your kid’s summer break wastes no time arriving. While summer days are long, it’s also an opportunity to engage in quality time with your kids. Challenging and expanding their minds through craft projects is an excellent way to spend that time. Whether it’s a paper flower craft for summer decor or creating a DIY gallery wall in your home, there are endless crafts to do with your kids over summer break to make the most of their fun in or out of the sun.

Milk Carton Boats

Summertime is the prime season for water activities, and this milk carton boat is a craft that you and your kids can use in the pool or on the lake. Get a milk carton, two plastic straws, and construction paper cut-outs to craft a sailboat your kids can decorate to float on the water.

Farm Animal Eggs

Egg coloring doesn’t have to be exclusive to the spring season. Eggs make an easy base for your kids to decorate. Invest in a coloring kit, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners to transform hard-boiled eggs into different farm animals like a chicken or cow. Bonus tip: use these crafts as a centerpiece for your kitchen table or outdoor patio as summer home décor.

Paper Roll Animals

Empty toilet and paper towel rolls make easy and convenient tools for crafts. A toilet paper roll painted yellow with black marker lines is a buzzing bumblebee. Glittery tissue paper taped to a green paper towel roll is a giant butterfly! The best part about these materials is that they are readily available inside your home and can serve as summertime décor alongside the eggs.

Embarking on crafts with your kids over summer break can keep their minds engaged while they’re away from the classroom. Explore other crafts to keep your kid’s imaginations sharp through the lazy, hazy summertime days.

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