What You Should Know About Working With Resin

What You Should Know About Working With Resin

If you or your kids use any popular entertainment and content apps, you have likely scrolled across a video of someone making a wonderfully stunning resin art piece. The beauty and ease of resin art pieces entice many to try their hand at the craft. However, before diving in, you must know some things about working with resin to stay safe as you create.

Safety Gear

Unfortunately, when viewing crafting videos on resin art, you might have come across a couple of creators wearing little to no safety gear. Try to think of resin as bleach, windshield wiper spray, or any harsh household cleaner. Crafters making videos without protective equipment is dangerous, as it gives the impression resin is safe to use without safety gear; this is one thing you need to know about working with resin.

Before you begin, you should put on disposable gloves, protective clothing, goggles, and a respirator. Your resin will come with a product safety data sheet that will detail whether you need to wear a respirator or not, but you might want to either way. When you think of resin as a chemical, you can better understand how important it is to wear proper safety gear.


In addition to wearing the correct safety gear, you must also take the proper precautions when working with resin. Make sure to work in a ventilated area, especially if you are not going to wear a respirator. Moreover, if resin spills anywhere, clean it up immediately, or it will dry and become very difficult to remove. Finally, when pouring resin, make sure to have products designated only for resin so you don’t accidentally use those cups for food or drinks.

Have Fun

Now that you know what type of safety gear you should wear and the precautions to take, you can start the fun! Choosing your resin color for your first project is exciting, as there are many different resin colors for you to choose from.

Keep in mind that only kids above 10 should do resin art, and there should always be adult supervision. If your younger ones feel left out, don’t worry—there are simple crafts you can do with them. What’s more, some resin colors are also multi-use. If your younger kid loves to make slime, they can add color-shifting resin pigment to their homemade slime while their sibling crafts with resin!

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