green eggs and ham party food idea

Got a little one who’s a fan of Green Eggs and Ham? Hosting a themed party for him or having his friends over? This recipe is a must try! It is simple, easy and so much fun.

Dr Seuss inspired recipes and activities can always be an excellent way to keep toddlers engaged and can encourage them to read and learn more. Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need.

Ingredients For Your Green Eggs And Ham Cupcakes

This recipe is similar to another Dr Seuss inspired recipe I recently put up- the Cat in the Hat cupcakes (or Truffula cupcakes or Oh the Places You’ll Go cupcakes), and if you’re planning a Dr Seuss themed birthday party for your little one, I highly suggest you try both of them together.

This one’s super easy to make- and you need just a few supplies to get started.

list of ingredients

If you’re not sure if packaged cake mixes are the right thing for you, you can also whip up a quick basic cake batter on your own and proceed with the rest of the instructions accordingly.

Directions For the Green Eggs and Ham Food Idea

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

making green eggs and ham batter for dr seuss cupcakes

Make cake mix according to package directions. Fill each ice cream cone 3/4 way up. Place on cookie sheet and carefully place in oven for 23-25 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside to cool.

baking green eggs and ham cupcakes

Take the green edible marker and color in the yolk on the egg.

making green eggs and ham for cupcakes

Take the black marker and make circle lines on the green gumball to make it look like a “ham”.

making green eggs and ham for cupcakes

Color frosting by adding 2-3 drops of food coloring. Place frosting in a piping bag or baggie and snip corner.

icing cupcakes for dr seuss party

Frost each cupcake cone with green frosting. Place on one green egg and one green ham.

icing cupcakes for dr seuss party

Ready to serve and enjoy for your Dr. Seuss party!

green eggs and ham party food idea

Remember that 1 box of cake mix makes 20-22 ice cream cone cupcakes, so plan your recipe accordingly.

making green eggs and ham batter for dr seuss cupcakes

More Dr Seuss Activities

Done with this super easy Dr Seuss themed cake recipe? Why not team them up with some fun activities and craft ideas too?

green eggs and ham party food idea

You don’t even have to go looking, because I’ve got them for you right here.

Use the quick links below to discover some of the most popular yet easy Dr Seuss activities for kids.

Whether it is Dr Seuss Day you’re planning to celebrate and get your little one to know about, or are just trying to make the most of his amazing books for kids there are out there, you just can’t go wrong with these activities.

And to make things easier, I’ve also added quick links to some of the craft supplies you might need to stock up on to get your kid to try these activities.

And if you loved all of these, don’t forget to share them with other moms you know, and spread the love!

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