DIY Fairy Garden Activity For Kids

DIY craft and art projects aren’t just a way to keep your kids busy, but they’re also super educative and help build their motor skills too. And if you’re hunt for some interesting ones, well, your search ends here.

This DIY fairy garden activity is another must try, and while you might need a bunch of different items for this one, the end result is absolutely stunning.

Keep reading to discover what you’ll need, and exactly how to get started.

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Supplies To Make Your DIY Fairy Garden

  • Large garden bowl
  • Green moss
  • Rocks
  • Fairy houses
  • Fairy bench
  • Fairy signs
  • Fairies
  • Gnomes
  • Faux flowers

How To Make?

Fill the garden bowl with moss and add rocks throughout.

Next add a fairy home to the garden.

After adding you fairy house, add benches, arches and signs.

Add arch to DIY fairy garden

You can purchase these items from amazon, pound land or the dollar store or create your own fairy house and bench using materials from the garden!

Finally place the fairies and gnomes into your DIY fairy garden. If you don’t have these characters you can use any small characters you have in the home.

Decorate the fairy garden with faux flowers.

Your spring fairy garden project is now complete. The kids can have plenty of fun using their imaginations playing with the different characters in the fairy garden. Enjoy!

And if you’re looking for some more gardening and plant inspired projects to try with your kiddo, here are some quick links to get started on.

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