Easy Leaf Painting Craft For Kids

It’s time to grab your fall colored paints and create a fun autumn leaf painting with the kids. This simple, amazing and fun craft activity can help keep children busy and occupied during fall. Leaf painting can bring the outdoors inside and this easy leaf painting craft will allow kids to experiment with colors as they have fun and enjoy this season.

lEAF art for kids to paint

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TIPS to start Easy leaf painting with your kids

This activity can help your child learn about nature. Before starting the activity you can teach children about trees and different parts of trees, read a book related to it or ask a few mind boggling riddles like this:

Who am i?

Trees have many in summer

But in winter they might have none

And there’s a certain phrase that says

You can turn over a new one.

Leaf painting is such a great process art activity, it gives your kids a chance to explore different textures, colors, and patterns.

It even develops early creative designs and construction skills

Art and paintingallows kids to escape in their own world of imagination, creativity and think OUT OF THE BOX!


  • Leaves produce food for plants, which in turn ultimately nourishes and sustains animals.
  • Some leaves are used as salad, seasoning and for flavoring food.
  • After water tea is the most widely consumed drinks in the world (tea is a aromatic beverage prepared by poring hot water over tea leaves)
  • The oldest leaves of all plant belong to Welwitschia in the dessert of Namibia and Angola its estimated life span is 1500 years


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The list of supplies required for leaf art painting is too short and everything is easily available at our home.

leaf art supplies for kids art project

So…. get set to unleash your creativity and explore this fantastic activity of easy leaf painting craft for your kids.

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step by step process of lEAFS painting WITH KIDS

1st step – make your working area ready with your canvas and colors

For this kids art project we painted directly on paper, however this is a simple canvas art project and would look great on paper or canvas.

dipping leafs in paint

2 step- dip a plastic leaf ring into the paint

Apply a generous amount of color on your leaf ring by dipping it in paint 

painting with leafs

step 3- press the leaf down onto the paper

Then just press the leaf on the paper and…. leaf print has been made! You have created leaf painting.

fun leaf art project

step 4- repeat the leaf print MULTIPLE time

Repeat this step several times, using different leaves and different colors of paint to make your leaf painting more beautiful.
Press the leaves down desired amount of times. 

leaf painting project

step 5- set aside to dry

Let your leaf painting have rest for sometime till the colors dry completely and its DONE 

leaf painting project for kids

*Tip: You may want to have an extra piece of paper to dab the leaf down once to get some excess paint off before stamping it onto the paper. 

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leaf-painting-project for kids

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