Caterpillar Pom Pom Mats For Color Matching

Are you looking for a fun and interesting Caterpillar themed activity to help teach basic color matching skills? Well today we have a fantastic set of Caterpillar pom pom mats for you to enjoy.

These brilliant color matching mats are a free printable resource for you to use in the home and or at school and I am sure the kids will get a lot of enjoyment from them!

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How Many Legs Does A Caterpillar Have?

Some caterpillars such as the tiny leaf mining moth have no legs at all. However most larger caterpillars have 3 pairs of true legs and 5 pairs of prolegs on their abdomen. More often than not a caterpillar will have 16 legs.

Do Caterpillars Have Teeth?

Now this is an interesting topic. I always wondered if caterpillars have teeth especially after reading Eric Carles The Very Hungry Caterpillar. How could you chew through so much food without teeth right?

Well the answer is simple. Caterpillars have opposable toothed mandibles. Insect mandibles hang near the insect’s mouth and allow the creature to grasp, crush and cut food. So whilst the caterpillar does not have teeth, it has toothed mandibles.

Supplies Needed To Make This Caterpillar Printable

How To Use This Caterpillar Activity For Kids

With this printable PDF you get 4 different caterpillars with colorful circles on the mats. You can use the grippers to place pom pom on the correct circles matching the colors and developing fine motor skills at the same time.

These mats can last a long time and I’de recommend laminating them and keeping them in a file for safe storage. There are lots of fun resources you can make and download here on Craft Play Learn and I really hope these super cute caterpillar printables come in handy.

Caterpillar Pom Pom Mats

When Should You Teach Toddlers Colors?

Typically young children and toddlers begin to learn the basic colors at around 18 months. Teaching colors is not always as easy as teaching a child to count, but with fun activities, music, games and resources such as these color mats, teaching the primary and secondary colours to little ones can become fun.

It is important to review colors with your child right up until they enter Kindergarten. Find opportunities to discuss color, the rainbow, talk about plants, flowers and creatures and use these fun teaching moments to engage your child and help them become more aware of the world and the many amazing colors around them.

Counting Caterpillars With Kids

You might want to read the book Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars with the kids as a way of extending their interest in this beautiful insect. Covering more learning and development areas such as literacy, counting and can be fun especially when based on a child’s current interest.

Check out our fun The Very Hungry Caterpillar Playdough Activity here on Craft Play Learn.

the very hungry caterpillar activity using playdough

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Download Your Free Caterpillar Printable Mats Here

Caterpillar Printables

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