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Halloween or not, getting your little one involved in some creepy and not so scary craft ideas is always a great way to keep him busy, and also get him familiar with some of the concepts and ideas revolving around the different fictional characters. If that’s what you’re planning to do, here’s some help.

I’ve got a fun vampire craft idea for you to get started on. You’ll hardly need any supplies for this, and to make things easier, there’s also a free downloadable template.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started shall we?

PS: Keep scrolling down after you’re done with this, because I’ve got some more exciting Halloween themed crafts, along the same lines as this one.

vampire paper craft for kids

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Supplies Needed For Halloween Vampire Craft Idea

The beauty of this craft idea is that you need just a handful of supplies to get started with it. No fancy ribbons or pom poms needed.

vampire craft supplies

How To Make This Halloween Vampire Craft

Download your Vampire printable and cut out the template.

Vampire Craft idea

Once you have cut out your Vampire template, assemble the pieces together.

Glue the different parts of the vampire together. Don’t forget to add the vampire fangs.

Draw around the outside of the template with a black marker pen to make the template standout.

Vampire Craft idea finished

Once you have your Vampire craft created you are ready for the activity and literacy part. Give the kids the writing template and let them use their imaginations to describe what it would be like to live next door to a vampire.

This is a fantastic learning activity for Halloween. This vampire activity doubles up as writing practice and can be completed by a number of different aged children.

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Tips & Tricks

This activity may be a simple one- your little one might just need to do a bit of cutting and pasting, but there’s so much more meaning and knowledge you can add into it to make it better.

For instance, you could look up some fun facts about vampires or pick up a few good kid’s books centered around this fictional character. Infact, you could dedicate an entire day or two to teaching your little one about it and other characters of Halloween.

Download your free Vampire Printable Here

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