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Halloween or not, it is always a good time to have some fun with creepy and scary creatures, and if your little one is still in the spirit, why not try a fun Frankenstein craft and activity together?

You’ll find many DIY Frankenstein craft ideas for kids out there, but what I love about this one in particular is its simplicity and how you need just a few essentials to give it a shot. Plus, with the free printable that I’ve included, it all gets so much easier.

So now there’s no reason to hold back. Get started on this fun and easy Halloween craft activity, and I’m sure your little one will totally love it.

frankenstein craft for kids

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Supplies Needed For This Frankenstein Craft Activity

Got some basic craft essentials at home? You’re pretty much covered. No fancy items needed, and of course, no trips to the craft store.

frankenstein craft supplies

How To Make This Frankenstein Paper Craft

Begin by downloading your free Frankeinstein craft template. Print out the template and cut out the pieces of your Halloween character.

Next assemble all your Frankenstein pieces together. Glue the Frankenstein face, adding his eyes and other features.

Frankenstein activity

Once the Frankenstein template is complete, you can add this to cardstock to create a great Frankenstein picture. If you have older kids, give them the writing sheet and ask them to answer the question about Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Craft

Frankenstein Writing Prompts For Kids

Writing practice can be fun especially when it’s mixed with an easy Halloween craft idea. Let me know what you think?

activity sheet

Did the kids enjoy this fun Halloween activity idea? I sure hope so!

Frankenstein Craft

Tips & Tricks

Getting your child involved in craft activities can not just improve his motor skills, but also boost his creativity and help him learn new concepts and characters, which is an important part of growing up, and it also shapes his personality to a large extent.

You might have some Halloween traditions you might be following, and these themed activities can really take it up a notch and help your little one get a deeper understanding about the celebrations and the festivities.

Plus, you can also make it an even more enjoyable and fun experience by getting him a few good books around the subject, or trying some themed recipes (I’ve listed a couple below). Infact, you could also get him involved in the kitchen while you’re doing that. Overall, it can be a nice fun and learning experience for him.

Looking for more Frankenstein or Halloween themed craft ideas for your kid? I’ve listed down some of my favorite ones right here for easy access, so you don’t have to go looking!

And as promised, here’s the download link for the free template for Frankenstein right here! Don’t forget to share it with other mommas you know!

Download Your Frankenstein Template Here!

Check out the following Halloween Craft Ideas and download the free templates!

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