The Grinch Line Study For Kids

It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. ThaT’s one of my favourite quotes from Dr Seuss book The Grinch! It’s a favorite story of mine and today we have a fun grinch line study and coloring page for you to enjoy.

grinch coloring page for kids

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The Grinch Speaks In Rhyme

One of the things I love about The Grinch and Dr Seuss is that the book and the Grinch speaks in Rhyme. Rhyme is a great way to read to kids.

Rhyme can help little ones to develop phonemic awareness and build their literacy skills in a fun and enjoyable way. As the kids color in this fun Grinch themed line study, maybe talk about rhymes or discuss words which rhyme. It’s a good opportunity to extend your child’s interest whilst having fun at the same time.



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HOW TO do this grinch activity

Download your line study page and print off. Be sure to add lines to each section of the Grinch printable.

Once you have added all your lines you can choose crayons or felts or even paints to color or paint this art project.

Once complete add to your collection of line studies or back on paper to create a display or gift. This is a great activity to do in the classroom or at home.

You could also bake some Grinch treats or make Grinch celery or even read the story of the Grinch after taking part in this fun art project.

Download Your Grinch Line Study Template Here!

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