Gingerbread Girl Christmas Coloring Page

Gingerbread is one of the most popular Christmas treats you’d be sure to find in every store display around the holidays. Children love gingerbread too mostly because it’s always in the amusing shape of a sweet little gingerbread man. 

This time, introduce your child to a gingerbread girl instead. She’s not all that different from a gingerbread man with just a few added feminine touches here and there. Your child will surely find this drawing both creative and fun to colour in. 

gingerbread girl one line

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Gingerbread Girl COlors

Brown is the first colour that comes to mind when you think of gingerbread. However, your child could use some brighter colors such as pink, green, red and blue to bring this adorable gingerbread girl to life.

Ready to let your kids have some fun with this gingerbread girl? Scroll down to find out the instructions and supplies you’ll require for this activity. 

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Supplies Required For This Gingerbread Girl Coloring Page 

supplies needed for gingerbread girl coloring page

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How To Complete This Gingerbread Line Study

Download your line study page and print off. Be sure to add lines to each section of the printable.

gingerbread girl line study

Once you have added all your lines you can choose crayons or felts or even paints to color pr paint this art project.

gingerbread girl line study

Once complete add to your collection of line studies or back on paper to create a display or gift. This is a great activity to do in the classroom or at home. You could also bake some gingerbread or read the story the gingerbread man as you enjoy this fun art activity.

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Download Your Gingerbread Girl Template Here!

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