Homemade Gifts To Give Your Kids This Year

Homemade Gifts To Give Your Kids This Year

Parents and guardians face a lot of pressure during the holiday season. They want the best for their children, especially during this fun, seasonal time. And while kids love store-bought toys, homemade ones can delight them equally—and save you money. Keep reading to learn about some homemade gifts to give your kids this year. Who knows—you may even discover a love of crafting yourself and consider starting a crafting business from this venture!

Clothespin Creatures

Kids don’t need their toys to be hyperrealistic to have fun—using their imagination is part of the fun. Take advantage of your kid’s powerful imagination this year by gifting them simple clothespin figures. All you need is clothespins, thread, yarn, a marker, and a hot glue gun. While similar to our butterfly crafts that also use clothespins, this craft allows you to create more animals and characters than just butterflies.

To make them, wrap the thread around the clothespin to resemble human clothing or colorful creature skin. Glue the thread down so that it doesn’t unravel. Then, glue yarn to the rounded top of the clothespin to resemble hair or fur. Lastly, draw a face—that’s it!

Homemade Play-Doh

Play-Doh is a tested and true kid favorite. But instead of paying extra for name-brand Play-Doh, you can easily and cheaply make your own of similar caliber. All you need is a few basic baking ingredients: flour, cream of tartar, salt, water, vegetable oil, and food coloring.

Making the dough is as simple as stirring these ingredients together on the stove at medium heat, allowing the dough to cool, and then storing it in a plastic bag in the fridge. You can also add fun ingredients such as glitter and essential oils to customize this gift for your kids.


Amigurumi are great homemade gifts to give your kid this year if you already have some crotchet skills—or want to learn! Amigurumi is a distinctive crochet method that features spiral stitching and adorable additions such as small noses and button eyes. Learning how to crotchet amigurumi takes time, but they’re quality toys your kids will cherish for years to come.

Giving homemade gifts is a great way to show your children how deeply you care about them without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to make one of these three options or go a different route, your kid is sure to appreciate and have fun with it.

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