5 Fun Easter Activities for Children To Try

5 Fun Easter Activities for Children To Try

Keeping children entertained during Easter doesn’t need to be complicated; children need stimulation, and fun games are a great way to have the best holiday. Consider these five fun Easter activities for children to try while the family visits. From sack races to making flowers, these activities will provide hours of fun that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Egg and Spoon Races

An old-fashioned game from the late 1800s, egg and spoon races are timeless, straightforward, and suitable for all ages. Place a boiled egg on a spoon and walk as quickly as possible to your teammate. Transfer the egg to their spoon and cheer them on as they continue the race. The first person to cross the finish line without dropping the egg wins! You can even present the winner with a non-candy Easter treat.

Easter Bingo

Bingo is a fun Easter activity for children of all ages to try. The game can center around springtime, Easter, animals, and other spring themes that will keep them entertained. You can create your kid-friendly bingo cards using construction paper, stickers, and other craft items to make them fun and easy to play.

Paper Flowers

If you have kids who love arts and crafts, making homemade paper flowers is a great way to celebrate Easter. It’s an ideal alternative if the weather isn’t favorable or the kids can’t go outside. This activity allows their creative juices to flow, and they can make recycled egg carton crafts in addition to their paper flowers. You can make roses, sunflowers, daisies, and so much more!

Bunny Hop Sack Race

It’s a fact that children have a lot of energy. After Easter brunch, they’re ready to get outside and move around. An excellent way for them to have fun and expend energy is by hosting a bunny hop sack race. The objective is to stand inside a sack and hop as fast as possible to the finish line. It’s a fun and competitive game that will create a new tradition for the whole family.

Water Balloon Toss

Perhaps it’s a hot Easter day, and children are hesitant about being in the sun. Playing a water balloon toss game is a fun way to cool down. Children pair off and line up on each side of the yard, then take turns tossing a water balloon to each other. To make it more challenging, have the kids take one step away from one another after each successful catch, increasing the distance between them.

Celebrating Easter with the family creates fond memories and entertaining traditions. While the kids play fun games, the parents can reminisce and watch the little ones enjoy a fantastic holiday.

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