3 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Science

3 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Science

The world is an interesting place, especially for kids who are always trying to discover new things. That longing for discovery can quickly develop into an interest in science that will leave them even more curious. There are ways that parents can encourage that interest and curiosity. Keep reading to learn about three ways to encourage your child’s interest in science.

Use Equipment

Science requires equipment, which can quickly intimidate children and make them give up their interests. Help them overcome any initial intimidation by using scientific equipment together. Explain how a microscope functions and then show them how to use it. Let them experiment with filling beakers and granulated cylinders. Teach them lab safety with protective glasses and gloves. Once you’ve shown them the ropes, they’ll be eager to dive in and their passion for STEM will grow.

Get Outside

Your child’s interest in science probably started with the natural world. Get outside together and explore to keep growing that interest. Bring along a magnifying glass to better examine interesting things you come across, along with a notebook for pictures, descriptions, and samples like leaves.

Don’t forget to bring a trash bag too. Whether you’re at your local park or in a national forest, chances are you’ll come across some litter that you can pick up. This will encourage your child to care for the environment they’re interested in and may even get them interested in sustainable living.

Learn Together

Science is ultimately about curiosity. To encourage that inquisitive personality, try to learn alongside your child. If you’re constantly teaching them everything and appear to know everything, your child may decide that there’s no point in their own learning. You can avoid this by finding a teacher that you can learn from together. Go to a museum and take turns asking questions. You can also watch an educational video or read a book and talk to each other about what you learned.

There are tons of ways to encourage your child’s interest in science, but these three are some of the best. When you use equipment, get outside, and learn together you’re not only helping them grow their scientific minds but spending quality time together too.

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