Snowglobe Paper Craft For Kids

Who doesn’t love having a snow globe at home? It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of home décor out there and children always find it fascinating. Why wouldn’t they? It looks absolutely magical. 

Now, what if you told your child they could create their own snow globe? Yes, you heard that right. This paper craft activity is a fun and simple way for your kids to make a snow globe out of a few sheets of paper and some basic art supplies. 

Making this snow globe will teach your child some fundamental art and craft skills such as cutting and pasting by following a template. You could either participate in this activity and help your child or let them to do it alone if they’re old enough. 

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Why This Is A Fun Activity 

As beautiful as store-bought ornamental pieces are, none could compare to your child’s amateur artwork. Your child’s baby steps in the world of art and craft can be more than just a learning experience for them; it can become a special memory for you as well. 

Allowing your child to explore their imagination while supervising their work will keep them happy and entertained for hours, maybe even days together. We have plenty of fun colouring and craft activities to last you through the holiday season so make sure you check out all of them.  


snowman snow globe writing prompt

Supplies Required For This Snow Globe Paper Craft 

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To make this fun snowman craft begin by downloading the free printable. Print out on white paper for kids to color in or print on the different colored card stock as indicated on the printable PDF.

Cut out the template pieces for the the snowman and snowglobe.

Assemble your snowglobe and then glue the pieces together. Then add the snowman in at the end.

You could allow kids to add other pictures or even add their own photo into the snowglobe to make this into a Christmas gift or card for mum!

Be sure to use the writing prompts with the older kids to make the activity last longer create a FUN snowglobe Christmas card. Either way this is a great paper craft idea the kids will love.

Download Your Snowglobe Paper Craft Template Here!

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