Christmas Writing Activity And Wreath Craft

Christmas Writing Activity And Wreath Craft

The Christmas wreath is a classic piece of Christmas decoration which your child will have seen everywhere from your own home to shopping malls and airports. 

This craft set features bits and pieces of paper you’ll require to help your child create a simple yet beautiful Christmas wreath. Having your child engage in this fun activity will give you a small albeit much-needed window of time to make preparations for Christmas. 

In just a few simple steps your child will be able to create a fun paper wreath they’ll be proud of. Scroll down for information on instructions and supplies for this activity. 


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What Is A Christmas Wreath 

A Christmas wreath may be heavily-featured in festive decorations around the world but children may not know the exact significance of it. Well, you can explain it to them as you help them out with this activity. 

The word wreath actually originated from the English word ‘writhe’ which means to twist. The concept of using wreaths does not have any religious significance. It originated from Rome where people hung them outside their doors to symbolise victory. 

However, now wreaths have come to symbolise eternity which can be related to the Christian belief in eternal life and resurrection. You could explain this to your child as they’re happily engaged in this activity. 


SUPPLIES NEEDED to make a paper wreath

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HOW TO MAKE a paper wreath using this template

Print out your printable leaf template on green and red cardstock. Be sure to follow the instructions on the printable.

christmas wreath supplies

Alternatively print out on white and color in. Once the wreath template pieces are ready cut out place your template pieces on the table.

Assemble your paper wreath and have fun gluing the red ribbon and red baubles to the wreath.

You can now do the writing part of the crativity. Use the prompt with older kids and talk about Chrsitmas Traditions and the importance of giving or being kind during this season!

christmas writing activity for kids

Enjoy this fun craft idea and have lots of enjoyment with the little ones during the Christmas season.

Download Your Christmas Wreath Template Here!

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