Paper Gingerbread Man Craft And Writing Activity

One of the easiest and most creative ways to keep your chid busy this holiday season is to engage them in some fun art and craft activities. Since the gingerbread man is a very popular figure associated with Christmas and winter, your child is sure to be familiar with it. 

You can teach your child this fun activity while helping them grasp the true spirit of the festive season. With only the most basic art supplies, your child will be able to produce a full-fledged, colourful gingerbread man. 

And who knows? Your child may even want to help you bake some gingerbread or gingerbread man-shaped cookies as part of your Christmas treats. 

Scroll down for pictures of this activity, instructions on how you can do it and all the necessary supplies you’ll need to have on hand. 

paper gingerbread man

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Fun Christmas Activities For Kids 

The holiday season is a riot of rich colours from green and red to white and silver. Children especially love this season since it means they’ll get to spend some time with their favourite holiday figures. 

The gingerbread man has no religious or cultural significance but it’s a popular Christmas figure all the same. Your child will thoroughly enjoy creating their own version of the gingerbread man while you occupy yourself with household duties. 

Don’t be surprised if they want to put this decoration up after they’re done – that’s how good it’ll be!


Supplies Required For This Gingerbread Man Paper Craft 

gingerbread man craft supplies

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HOW TO MAKE THIS gingerbread man CRAFT

Download and print put your template on the correct color cardstock.

gingerbread man craft template cut out

Use the scissors to cut out the gingerbread man body and template pieces.

Assemble your Gingerbread man together and glue each piece. Be sure to glue the gingerbread man’s cheeks on before his eyes! Add icing to his head and arms.

You can make this craft into a writing activity using the writing prompt to extend older kid’s interests and don’t forget to read the story The Gingerbread man or watch the movie Shrek! The kids will love it!

gingerbread man writing prompt

Download Your Gingerbread Man Craft Template Here!

paper gingerbread man

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paper gingerbread man

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