Santas Helper Elf Line Study

This Santa’s Helper Elf Line Study is a great activity for children to enjoy over the Christmas break. In fact, why not get this fun activity out and enjoy drawing and coloring as you watch your favorite Christmas movies, there are so many to choose from! We have a rage of fun Christmas themed line studies and coloring pages for you to enjoy!

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Santa’s elves are said to be immortal. They live forever and spend their time in the North pole helping prepare for the Christmas season.

A christmas elf generally wears green, red and yellow clothing.

Santa’s Elves have pointy ears.

Santa’s head Elf is apparently called Bernard.

A Santa Elf has a pointy hat and rosey red cheeks.

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SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR Your Elf Coloring Page

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How To Complete This Elf Line Study!

Print the Santa’s Helper Elf template.

Have kids draw lines in between the lines with a fine tip black marker.

Allow kids to color in the picture however they like.

Back onto paper and display or add to your folder of completed line studies.

If you want to make this craft a little more educational, you can add a writing assignment to it. For example, have kids write about what an Elf does in Santa’s workshop.

Enjoy this fun and easy line study idea! It’s a simple activity for kids and one they will love.

Download Your Santa’s Helper Template Here!

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