Christmas Wreath Coloring Page For Kids

Since Christmas is just around the corner, what better time to have some Christmas-themed activities for your child? This simple yet fun coloring activity can keep your child occupied for hours, thereby allowing you to prepare for the holidays. 

The gorgeous, vibrant colours of Christmas really come alive on this coloring page. Your child is sure to let their imagination run free and decorate this blank outline with any bright colours they choose. 

Doing so will get them into the holiday spirit and they may even want to help you with decorations around the house. A win-win all around!

In the following sections we’ll go through instructions on how you can use this coloring page, the supplies you’ll be needing, and much more.


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Why This Coloring Page Is A Great Activity For Kids 

Using this coloring page can prove to be a fun activity for your kids around the holidays when they spend all their time at home. Your child may be longing to get out of the house and play outside but doing this activity can show them that staying indoors can be quite fun too. 

If your child is a toddler, they may have some slight difficulty drawing straight lines to color in. In that case, this line drawing activity can help improve their lines which will make it easier for them to learn writing later on. 

Line drawing and coloring can help improve your child’s focus and concentration. Keeping them engaged in this activity will also give you some quality time with them or time to unwind alone.


You’ll need a few basic art supplies to complete this activity which you may probably already have lying around the house. If not, you’ll easily find them in any arts and crafts store around the corner. 

Supplies Required For This Christmas Colouring Page 

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How To Make This Christmas Line STudy

Download your Christmas wreath printable here on Craft Play Learn. You don’t need to cut anything out! Simply hand the paper t the kids to start creating this fun art project.

christmas wreath line study and coloring page for kids

Allow the kids to freely choose their own colors and maybe even chat as they draw to encourage discussion and help promote speaking during art.

christmas wreath line study and coloring page for kids

Once complete back the wreath art onto backing paper ready to hang or display in the classroom or home.

christmas wreath art on backing paper

Enjoy this fun wreath art project and don’t forget to check out the other templates here on Craft Play Learn.

christmas wreath art on backing paper

Download Your Christmas Wreath Coloring Page Here!

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