Easy Sudoku For Kids

Ready to teach kids how to play sudoku? Use this Easy Sudoku for kids to teach kids, even toddlers how to play this logic puzzle game. Kids will love learning how to play Sudoku using this fun Narwal Sudoku printable.

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Mini Sudoku For Kids

Sudoku is a great way to start teaching little ones how to complete Sudoku puzzles. These logic problems help kids to figure out what is missing and what puzzle piece should be used. In Sudoku, there are no repeats in each row and column, and in the harder puzzles, the smaller squares as well. These puzzles for kids have only one open space per row and column, which is a great way for kids to get started in solving logic puzzles.

Sudoku Games For Kids

When it comes to Sudoku games, it can be hard to find easy versions of these games for kids. Most of the games are for adults and it can be a little tough for the kids to complete them. This printable is designed for it to be easy for kids to learn how to complete Sudoku and be fun to play. This game is perfect for even the youngest kids because there is only one space per section so kids will only need to complete the missing square.

Get Your Children’s Sudoku Printable Here

Once you have downloaded the easy sudoku kids printable, you will want to print it out. Then you can have the kids do the puzzle. One way is to print the puzzles and then have the kids glue the answers into place. Another way for kids to complete the puzzle is to have kids place the pieces where they belong. Then you can store the puzzle and its pieces for kids to do again and again. If you choose to save the puzzles, you can laminate them to help it last longer.

Download Your Narwhal Printable Here

While you are teaching children how to complete a sudoku puzzle, you can also teach them the narwhal song. This can be a fun way to spend time an afternoon, learning how to play and singing a fun song. Be careful, this song is sure to get stuck in your head and the kids might keep singing it over and over again as they solve the puzzle.

Here Are More Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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