Fun Arts and Crafts for Your Students Using Chalk

Fun Arts and Crafts for Your Students Using Chalk

As the school year begins, teachers and parents gear up for a year full of creativity, learning, and growing. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing children express themselves through art and be very proud of their creations. There are many ways you can foster creativity in your classroom by implementing arts and crafts in different subjects and projects.

Start the year off strong with these fun arts and crafts projects for your students that use chalk. Using chalk, you can easily erase mistakes, and it’s less messy than your standard paints and markers. Your students will love these mini art projects!

Desk Signs

Start the school year with an icebreaker to allow students to get to know each other. Give each student a mini chalkboard easel to act as their desk nameplate. Using waterproof chalk markers, your students can decorate their signs with vibrant colors and cool illustrations. After your class creates their signs, your students will know each other’s names and interests.

It’s important to note that waterproof chalk markers are easily erasable, and if a student makes a mistake, they can erase it with a damp paper towel.

Tile Art

Another fun arts and crafts project for your students is to make tile art using chalk markers! Chalk markers are semi-permanent, allowing your designs and illustrations to last a while, making this a perfect project for your students to take home. Provide your students with vibrant markers and let their creativity run wild.

Window Art

If you have a window in your classroom, your students will love sharing their illustrations on your window to display to the other children walking by. This is also a great project to show off during open houses or other school events. You can make this art project a seasonal theme by encouraging your children to draw things related to fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Sidewalk Art

A classic art project you can have in your lesson plan is to adorn the sidewalk leading to your classroom with artwork from your students. This is a great way to celebrate your students’ artwork. Your students will love seeing their creations as they walk into your classroom.

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