The Impact of Divorce on Friendships and Building a Supportive Network

“Divorce is never a pleasant experience. You look upon it as a failure. But I learned to be a different person once we broke up. Sometimes you learn more from failure than you do from success.”

Michael Crawford

Recognizing the need for support during divorce

Going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult and, to some extent, isolates you from your familiar surroundings. Therefore, when people are going through this difficult transition period, it becomes extremely important to recognize the need for support from others. Here are some key points to consider when creating a support system during a divorce:

  • Friends and family members can be extremely helpful in expressing emotions and seeking solace during this difficult time. Being able to talk to someone who is willing to listen without judgment can make a big difference in dealing with feelings of grief, anger, or confusion;
  • Divorce is often accompanied by various logistical challenges, such as finding a new place to live or adjusting to the responsibilities of a single parent. Support from others can also have a practical side and help with tasks such as packing moving furniture, or even childcare;
  • Online platforms, such as, provide access to divorce support groups where people with similar experiences can connect and share advice with each other. These groups offer a safe space to express frustrations, share coping strategies, and gain valuable insight from others who have been on the same journey;
  • During stressful times, such as divorce, it is vital not to neglect self-care routines. Building a support network also means encouraging yourself to engage in activities that promote mental well-being, whether it’s practicing mindfulness techniques, pursuing hobbies or interests, or seeking therapy.
Impact of Divorce on Friendships

By reaching out for emotional support and practical help, as well as taking advantage of professional resources available online, people going through divorce will be better prepared for the future. 

Understanding the impact of divorce on existing friendships

To wit:

  • Divorce often causes changes in social dynamics that can impair existing friendships. Friends may feel uncomfortable and may not know how to relate to both parties;
  • Divorce can be emotionally stressful, and people going through it may withdraw from social interactions or become less available to their friends. This withdrawal can create distance and tension in friendships;
  • Close friends may feel torn between supporting one party and not the other, leading to conflicts of loyalty that put pressure on the friendship itself;
  • Couples going through a divorce may have regularly participated in joint activities with mutual friends. After a divorce, these joint activities may become impossible and uncomfortable for all parties.

It is important for both those going through a divorce and their friends to approach this difficult situation with empathy, open communication, and understanding. Recognizing that each will manage the process in their own way will allow for greater compassion for each other’s needs during this time of transition. By recognizing this potential impact on existing friendships, people can work to maintain healthy relationships while creating new connections outside of their immediate circle.

Openly Communicate With Friends About Your Divorce Journey

To wit:

  • Openly share your feelings and experiences with trusted friends. Let them know what you feel comfortable talking about and how they can support you;
  • keep your friends informed about the progress of your divorce, such as court dates or important decisions. This helps them to understand what you are going through and to be more supportive;
  • when talking about your divorce, be clear about any topics that should be discussed with caution or are off limits. This ensures that you can avoid conflicts and potential triggers;
  • if you need guidance in dealing with the difficulties of divorce, do not hesitate to ask for advice from those who have faced similar situations or look for professional resources online;
  • thank your friends for their support, as showing appreciation enhances the value of your friendship.

By communicating openly with your friends about your divorce journey, you create an atmosphere of understanding and compassion in your social circle. This not only strengthens existing friendships but also provides a much-needed support network during this difficult time.

Self-Care Practices To Build Resilience & Find & Build Relationships For The Future

To do this:

  • Exercise regularly, eat well, get enough sleep, and follow good self-care habits to feel better. 
  • Consider therapy or counseling services to help you cope with the emotional difficulties of divorce. A therapist can provide advice, coping strategies, and help with negative emotions;
  • Add mindfulness techniques to your daily routine to develop present-moment awareness and reduce stress. This can be meditation, deep breathing exercises, or an activity that brings you joy and peace.
  • Look for friends who will support you during this difficult time. Surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about your well-being can have a significant impact on the recovery process.

Remember that self-care is essential not only for personal growth but also for developing healthy connections with others.

Taking Advantage of Online Communities & Support Groups For Divorced People

These include:

  • Connecting with other divorced people allows you to share your journey with people who truly understand what you are going through. This can provide a sense of validation and help combat feelings of isolation.
  • Online communities offer a safe space to express emotions without judgment or fear. Group members can offer encouragement, advice, and comfort during difficult times;
  • platforms often provide access to useful resources such as articles, blogs, or professional advice that can help navigate the legal and emotional aspects of divorce;
  • participating in online support group discussions allows people to get practical insights from those who have already faced similar challenges. From co-parenting strategies to grief coping mechanisms or stress management techniques, these groups offer a wealth of knowledge.

One such online resource is Get Divorced, where you’ll find a wealth of information for divorcees. Whether you’re looking for legal advice or emotional support, utilizing online communities like Get Divorced can help people on their journey to healing and rebuilding their lives after divorce.

Take Advantage Of The Opportunity For Personal Growth & Self-Discovery Through Rebuilding Friendships After Divorce


  • Divorce provides an opportunity to reflect on personal values and priorities. This self-reflection can help people identify what they truly value in their friendships and find connections that align with those values;
  • divorce often allows people to rediscover their passions and interests outside the context of their previous relationship. Returning to old hobbies or discovering new ones not only promotes personal growth but also opens up opportunities to meet like-minded people who share similar interests;
  • while it is important to maintain existing friendships, divorce provides an opportunity to expand your social circle and build new friendships. Participating in activities or joining groups related to personal interests or professional development can lead to important connections with others who can offer support during this transition period;
  • Re-establishing friendships after a divorce can present challenges that require professional help. Online resources, such as, provide access to valuable information, counseling services, and support groups specifically designed for individuals going through divorce.

Rekindling friendships after divorce gives people the opportunity to learn more about themselves while strengthening healthy connections with others.

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