4 Fun Ways To Make Christmas Gifts With Your Kids

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Christmas is the most enjoyable period for parents. You love seeing your kids come alive throughout the holiday season as they become engrossed in the festivities. Take advantage of this and fuel their Christmas spirit by engaging in fun craft activities! 

Today, we’re showing you some enjoyable ways to make Christmas gifts with your kids. You can give them as Secret Santa presents, give them to other family members, or donate them to a local Christmas market. The choice is yours – and here are our ideas: 

Make custom gift bracelets

You can never go wrong with a little bracelet. It’s one of the simplest things for kids to make and lets them be creative. Buy some beads online, get plenty of string, and you’ve pretty much got everything you need! 

It’s then up to your kids to decide what type of bracelets they want to make. They could go down the Christmas route and make ones in festive colors or with holiday messages on them. Or, if they’re making gifts for other people, design bracelets based on that person’s tastes. Either way, it’ll lead to hours of fun for everyone involved. 

Craft beautiful Christmas cards

This is one of our favorite ideas! It feels like such a waste to buy hundreds of Christmas cards every year and send them to your friends. There’s nothing meaningful about it – you’re basically doing it because it feels like the right thing to do. 

Add more Christmas cheer to the situation by crafting Christmas cards with your kids. You’ll fill every card with so much love and attention, and it will mean more to the recipients. Imagine opening your mail and finding a lovely handmade card from someone. It’s such a beautiful thing to do – and it lets your kids flex their creative muscles. They can draw, cut things out, stick things down, and so much more. Spend the day making these cards before delivering them to lucky friends or family members. 

Design homemade Christmas decorations

If you want a small and thoughtful gift to give to people, make them some Christmas decorations! They can hang your decorations on their tree or put them up throughout the festive season. 

It’s a wonderful idea to do with kids because there are ample ways to make decorative pieces. You could use felt and cut it into different shapes before tying a string to it and hanging it on a tree. Or, and this is a personal favorite, try a bit of crochet. Find cute Christmas crochet patterns to knit things like small Christmas puddings, gingerbread men, reindeer, etc. These stunning little toys can be used as decorative ornaments around the home. 

You can find clay modeling kits too, which are excellent for making solid tree decorations or ornamental pieces. Obviously, think about the crafts your kids excel at. Give them a range of options and pick whichever one they like the most. Then, proceed to design homemade decorations for anyone to enjoy. 

Sculpty beautiful Christmas candles

We mentioned clay modeling kits above, and we couldn’t recommend them more. Kids love playing with things like Play-Doh or putty, so pottery is the ideal crafting activity. Normally, you need a kiln to bake the clay so your items set. The cool thing about at-home clay modeling kits is that they use air-dry clay. 

You get a big lump of clay and can mold it however you like. In this scenario, you’re making Christmas candles. Sculpt the clay into the shape of a candle holder and color it in with festive decorations. You can even find kits that provide wax to pour in around a wick, meaning you make the candle itself from scratch. 

It’s a very fun activity to do with kids on a cold winter’s day when you want to make someone a lovely Christmas gift. If you don’t want to make a candle, just get a standard pottery kit and they can create whatever festive gifts they like out of clay. 

What’s better than sitting with your kids and engaging in festive arts and crafts activities? Everyone can put their Christmas jumpers or pajamas on, with festive songs playing from your phone. If you have enough space in the living room for these crafts, stick on a cute Christmas movie at the same time. It’s such a fun festive activity to do as a family – and you get to make lush gifts for other people too! Your kids will love handing out homemade things to friends or family members, and it helps you save money as a family during this expensive period. 

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