The Best Cities for Families in Florida: Where to Move

Deciding on the perfect place to raise a family in Florida can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. With its sun-drenched beaches, diverse cultural offerings, and numerous parks and recreational areas, the Sunshine State offers a variety of cities that cater to family life. But when you’re looking for the best mix of educational opportunities, community safety, and child-friendly activities, some cities stand out more than others. In this guide, we’ll explore the top cities in Florida that are ideal for families, helping you make an informed decision on where to plant your roots in this vibrant state.

Best Cities for Families in Florida

Tampa: A Thriving Cultural Hub

Tampa strikes a delightful balance between urban and suburban living, making it a top choice for families. Known for its excellent school districts and an abundance of parks, Tampa also boasts a wealth of cultural attractions such as the Tampa Bay History Center and the Glazer Children’s Museum. Families can enjoy the convenience of city living while taking advantage of spacious homes and community-focused neighborhoods. The city’s continuous development and family-oriented events ensure a vibrant community atmosphere for both children and adults alike.

Orlando: More Than Just Theme Parks

While widely recognized for its famous theme parks, Orlando offers much more for families looking for a permanent home. Its educational resources, including top-rated schools and numerous libraries, provide excellent academic support. Families considering a move here can consult with an in-state Florida moving company for smooth relocation services. Besides entertainment, Orlando’s community sports programs and numerous parks provide ample outdoor activities, ensuring kids have a healthy and active lifestyle. This city’s blend of entertainment and community makes it an enticing option for families of all sizes.

Jacksonville: Expansive and Family-Friendly

Jacksonville stands out due to its sprawling geographic layout and its commitment to family-friendly residential areas. Boasting one of the largest urban park systems in the country, families in Jacksonville enjoy unparalleled access to outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and beach outings. The city’s cost of living is also relatively low compared to other metropolitan areas in Florida, which means more space for your dollar. The strong sense of community and active neighborhood associations enhance the family-friendly atmosphere, making it a practical choice for those looking to settle down.

Sarasota: Arts and Education

Sarasota is famed for its thriving arts scene and strong educational system, which includes several nationally recognized schools. Families not only enjoy access to creative spaces like art galleries and theaters but also benefit from a robust public school system that emphasizes a well-rounded education. The city’s numerous festivals and community events geared toward children make it an engaging environment for young families. Moreover, Sarasota’s beautiful beaches provide a serene backdrop for both leisure and outdoor family activities.

Gainesville: A College Town with a Family Feel

Gainesville offers a unique blend of educational and cultural opportunities thanks to the presence of the University of Florida. The influence of the university brings a variety of sports and cultural events that families can enjoy throughout the year. The city is also known for its emphasis on education at all levels, not just collegiate. With numerous parks and museums designed with families in mind, Gainesville provides a stimulating environment for children’s educational and social development, making it a top choice for parents prioritizing learning and growth opportunities.

Fort Lauderdale: Coastal Living with a Community Spirit

Fort Lauderdale attracts families with its beautiful beaches, top-rated schools, and vibrant community spirit. Known for its boating canals and stunning waterfront properties, it offers a picturesque setting for family activities. The city is also committed to maintaining safe and clean neighborhoods, with plenty of parks and recreational areas that host family-friendly events year-round. With its mix of serene coastal life and bustling urban amenities, Fort Lauderdale is a prime choice for families seeking a dynamic yet peaceful lifestyle.

St. Petersburg: Sunshine and Arts

Nicknamed “Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg claims some of the most beautiful weather in Florida, complemented by an impressive arts scene. Families enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities that the sunny climate allows, from sprawling public parks to children’s playgrounds dotting the coastline. The city’s commitment to the arts is visible in its many museums and galleries, offering educational and creative outings that are perfect for sparking young imaginations. St. Petersburg’s community-centric approach includes numerous festivals and markets, making it an ideal location for those seeking a culturally rich and active family life.

Pembroke Pines: Suburban Comfort

Located near Miami, Pembroke Pines offers suburban comfort with convenient access to the larger metro area’s amenities. It’s one of Florida’s fastest-growing cities, popular among families for its well-planned neighborhoods and strong public schools. The city’s numerous parks and community centers provide safe spaces for kids to play and learn, with regular community events that foster a close-knit atmosphere. Pembroke Pines is ideal for families looking for a quieter lifestyle within reach of urban conveniences.

Tallahassee: A Touch of Southern Charm

As Florida’s capital, Tallahassee mixes southern charm with the perks of city living. Its educational landscape is robust, featuring highly rated public and private schools and significant cultural institutions like museums and libraries. Tallahassee is known for its large, wooded neighborhoods that offer plenty of space for families to grow. The city’s college sports teams provide regular entertainment and a sense of community pride, making it an engaging environment for raising children.

Port St. Lucie: Growing and Affordable

Port St. Lucie is known for its growth and affordability, drawing families with its low cost of living and high quality of life. The city offers numerous outdoor activities, thanks to its parks, rivers, and nature reserves. With a focus on community safety and health, Port St. Lucie has invested in public amenities like new schools and hospitals, ensuring that families have access to essential services. This city is perfect for those looking for a safe, nurturing environment without the hefty price tag of more populated areas.


Choosing the right city in Florida to raise a family depends on your priorities—be it education, culture, safety, or simply the joy of coastal living. Each city offers unique benefits, from Tampa’s vibrant cultural mix to Port St. Lucie’s affordable growth opportunities. Families moving within the state can seek assistance from a trusted in-state Florida moving company to ensure a smooth transition. Ultimately, Florida’s diverse cities provide a rich palette of options for families to create a nurturing, engaging, and fulfilling home environment. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling streets of a big city or the quiet lanes of a suburban retreat, Florida’s family-friendly cities welcome you to explore, settle down, and enjoy the sunshine.

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