Fun Family Activities For Those Boring Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are pretty busy, what with needing to prepare for Monday and getting to bed early to ensure a good night’s sleep. However, that means they can also be quite boring, for both kids and adults alike! 

After all, a portion of your weekend is used up on thinking about the working/schooling week ahead, and any time you can use to relax is instead spent laboring away like any other day of the week! When you really think about it, it’s no wonder the kids find bedtime a bit more difficult when Monday is on the other side of sleep. 

So let’s make Sunday evenings more fun and a lot more peaceful. There’s a lot you can do in the scant hours you have between dinner time and bedtime – all you need are a few craft items in the box and you’re good to go!

Make Puppets Out of Socks

Sock puppets are quite easy to put together and won’t take much time to ‘perfect’. After all, all you need to do is find an old sock, dig out materials like glitter and googly eyes, and then stick it all together! 

Sock puppets can also be made a little more complex by sewing things in or painting them, but keep it simple to begin with and go from there. From here you can give the puppets their own voices and personalities and start making up stories involving them as characters. 

Make a new puppet every Sunday, or every other Sunday, and you might be able to open up your own little puppet theater in your own living room! 

Make and Color Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is quite simple and easy to put together, and once you’re done with it you can eat it up as a little late night treat – what could be better for a boring Sunday evening? Cookies only take about ten minutes in the oven, and the dough takes even less time to mix together, so this will make for a nice after dinner activity. 

Of course, if you buy a load of food colorings, toppings, and different shaped cookie cutters, you can make all kinds of things and decorate them in any way you like. Once everything is baked and safe to eat, you can all take a bite out of the cookies and see who made the best one. That’s something the kids are going to enjoy immensely! 

Make an Educational Leaflet

If Sunday evenings are a bit boring, and the kids aren’t quite looking forward to going back to school on Monday, get them set on an activity that’ll put the fun back into learning. For example, making an educational leaflet about any topic they’re interested in, which can then be handed round to their parents or siblings to be read through. 

You can also take this an extra step and get their leaflets actually printed. Inexpensive flyer printing is available online – all you need to do is scan in their creations, upload them, and then get them printed off and sent out to you. 

The kids will love seeing their work in such a ‘grown up’ format, and these leaflets and flyers may just end up being a treasured childhood memory one day! You can even display them on the mantelpiece in the living room or hang up a shelf in your child’s room to give them a dedicated place to keep their creations. 

Print Coloring Pages

Want to keep things calm and simple, yet still want the kids to have something fun to do together? Print off some coloring pages! You can find these in droves online, 99% of which are free to download and print off, and feature all kinds of scenes, characters, and patterns to carefully go over in crayons or pens. 

Even Crayola do free coloring pages! If you want to join in, print off a few adult coloring pages and give those a try; the kids may even find they prefer your pages and you all collaborate on the same one. 

Draw Up a Comic Panel

Think coloring is a little too calm for the kids this Sunday? Then try making a comic panel instead. Get a large piece of paper, preferably at least A3, and then separate it out into six to eight different boxes – the crazier the lines, the more creative you can all be. 

From here you can assign a box or two each to your children and let them come up with a story together. Get them to think about what characters might be involved, what they might be saying, and what the resolution of the story could be. 

It doesn’t matter if they each draw different things, but if they could come up with a storyline together, there will be far fewer arguments. 

Collect and Press Leaves

Got a garden to explore? Get the kids out there on Sunday evenings to collect leaves, fallen petals, and anything else they think is pretty or interesting – but make them put any bugs or wildlife back! 

Once you’re back inside, get them to sketch out the items they brought in, and then press them into a dedicated book where they can keep a record of their finds. 

Doing this is a great way to get the kids outside a bit more often without riling up their energy. You want them to be calm and cool on Sunday evenings, of course, but this is a great way for them to get a bit more sun and/or fresh air. 

Boring Sunday evenings are a common part of modern life, but we can make them better! Try out any of the activities above and see how much you like them. If you find the one you love, make them a part of your normal late weekend routine! They’ll stop the new-week-blues from settling in, and your kids will come to associate this time of the week with something more fun and enjoyable. 

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