How To Get Children Ready for a Big Move

How To Get Children Ready for a Big Move

Moving is a major life event, whether you’re going up the street or across the country. Your home changes, and that change can be both exciting and scary for adults, though even more so for kids. Keep reading to learn how to get children ready for a big move and prepare your family for something new.

Start Conversations Early

The biggest thing that children struggle with is a lack of control. They’re too young to have control over most decisions, from going to school to what to have for dinner, and that is even more poignant during a big move. Starting conversations early about the move, their feelings, and the future gives them a little bit of that control back. Give them permission to express fears and share other feelings and validate those feelings to help them build confidence in the upcoming change.

Pack Comfort Items Last

Packing with kids feels like a never-ending challenge. As soon as something gets in a box or suitcase, your little one needs it again. This is especially true with favorite comfort items like nightlights and special toys. Pack these comfort items last to help your child feel secure in their current space and prepare them for their new one. This choice can be especially meaningful if you plan to move into corporate housing, as it gives kids the opportunity to quickly personalize the space.

Keep a Regular Schedule

Kids seek to have some power over their lives, and a regular, predictable schedule is another way to give them that control. Start a daily agenda you can mostly uphold through the move and in your new location, whether that’s temporarily in a hotel room, corporate housing, or their new home. Bring items that help you maintain that routine too. If your child always eats breakfast off the same plate at eight in the morning, then bring that plate wherever you go and serve breakfast at that time. If you have a learning space at home that you play in every afternoon, take some of those stimulating activities with you and do them together every afternoon.

Getting children ready for a big move is daunting. Fortunately, with open conversations, comfort items, and a good schedule, you can ease your child into this process. Stay positive and acknowledge feelings throughout, and soon your new home will be just another spot to make great memories.

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