6 Ways to Keep Up With Energetic Kids

Every parent wants to motivate kids to be more active, especially if they spend most of their time on the sofa. However, you also know that some kids don’t need any motivation. They are naturally full of energy, and although this benefits them in their active lifestyle, it can also cause their parents a lot of stress.

It can feel impossible to keep up with energetic kids of any age. Whether toddlers, elementary age, or teenagers, you might feel like you can’t take your eyes off them for a second. Otherwise, they’ll be running into the hills like some old-style cartoon bird. Still, you don’t want to discourage their activity, but you still need to know how to keep up with them.

Look Out For the Signs 

There are many signs that your child will grow up to be an energetic kid, and you can identify these signs from an early age. One of the best ways to deal with this is to know the baby growth spurt signs, as this can prevent too much disruption to your established routine and help you control their energy early on without worrying about where they have crawled off to.

It’s also worth thinking about signs they may be restless. These signs can include fidgeting or bouncing their knee up and down. If you know your kids may act out if they do not do something soon, help them find ways to entertain themselves.  

Set Limits 

Setting limits is an excellent solution that can prevent your child from becoming too energetic, especially in unsuitable circumstances. If your child is old enough to understand they sometimes get too excited in some situations, you can work out a way with them to help them calm down.

Taking a calm approach will ease them out of any excitement, as raising your voice could have the opposite of the intended effect. However, you can still let them play and have fun with their friends. It’s simply worth knowing when they are going too far and may upset those around them.

Channel Their Energy Positively

Often, energetic kids are simply bored. They need something to do and they will do everything they can to find that something. While this is not ideal at school when they need to sit and learn with everyone else, you can find ways to channel their energy positively at home. 

Hobbies are a useful approach, so you can get your child interested in music or sports. These activities give them a positive outlet for their energy and can help them channel their emotions without affecting others. 

Teach Them To Calm Down 

Your child may need to learn calming techniques that can help them in scenarios where you are not present. These calming techniques are ideal for helping them learn more about themselves and being able to maintain healthy relationships with friends, classmates, teachers, and more. 

Breathing exercises are a common approach, while toys or accessories that distract them from their excitement can also help your child relax. As many kids get too excited and energetic in stressful situations, these techniques can also help them control their emotions when they feel overwhelmed. 

Re-Evaluate The Labels 

Labels can have a severe impact on kids as they grow up. Even if you don’t think they hear you, they listen when someone calls them a good or bad kid, and this label stays with them throughout their life. 

Evaluating these labels and looking for different ways to describe your child’s energetic nature can avoid negative connotations. Instead, look for more positive labels and try not to compare your child with another. 

Connect With Them 

It might be that the only reason your child is energetic is that they want some attention. This is common in households with younger kids or parents who work a lot and struggle to spend quality time with their children. 

You can ease their energy to help them stay calm and control themselves by connecting with them. Take some time each day to speak to them and find out about their day. You can try conversations and activities that do not include any distractions, such as devices or the TV. Instead, you can focus on each other and show your child you’re there for them. 

Running Around 

Sometimes, energetic kids can help you rediscover your sense of adventure, but if you already feel exhausted, then maybe you need to sit back and take a break. With these tips, you’ll still be able to keep up with your energetic kids and help them use their energy the right way rather than getting into trouble or tiring themselves out too soon. 

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