How To Know When Your Kids Are Ready for Bunk Beds

How To Know When Your Kids Are Ready for Bunk Beds

Most of the time, kids could care less about furniture. When you ask them about their bedroom and the possibility of bunk beds, though, suddenly they care a lot. Bunk beds make sleeping seem fun, especially for the lucky kid who gets the top bunk. Unfortunately, even though they make sleeping seem fun, that doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for your kids. Keep reading to learn how to know when your kids are ready for bunk beds.

They’re at Least Six Years Old

Kids are rambunctious and often accident-prone, even in bed. Placing that bed high in the air makes accidents even more likely to happen. However, if your child is at least six years old, those accidents are generally less probable. Six-year-old children can often balance well, safely use a ladder, and follow instructions. That means they’re less likely to accidentally fall or think it’s cool to jump off the top bunk. You can use our five little monkeys printable and other activities to help teach how important it is to stay safe in bed. Of course, if your children don’t seem ready at this age, you can hold off as well.

They’re Potty Trained

All children develop at different speeds, including with potty training. Some children struggle with potty training for longer, especially at night. While there’s nothing wrong with this development speed, it can make it more difficult for that child to comfortably sleep on the top bunk. This is because they’ll have to climb down a ladder with a full bladder, which is distracting. You may also find it more difficult to change the sheets frequently on a taller bunk bed.

They Want One

As the caregiver, you may want a bunk bed for your child before your child wants one. They save space and make it easier for siblings or friends to share a room. However, you have to take your child’s desires into consideration when choosing the right bed for them. If they don’t want a bunk bed and feel uncomfortable using one, you should wait to purchase it. While you can’t always give in to your child’s whims, they need to feel comfortable where they sleep. There are other bed frames that can help keep a bedroom organized and provide extra space for a mattress, such as a day bed with a trundle underneath. If your kid asks for a bunk bed, though, you can consider their safety, then get them one.

Kids are ready for bunk beds at different ages and different stages of life. Some kids never feel comfortable in a bunk bed. Knowing how to gauge your child’s interest and comfort level is an important part of helping them pick the right bed for their room.

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